Animal Crossing Players Recreate Squid Game Episode 1 Moment

Animal Crossing Players Recreate Squid Game Episode 1 Moment

Using the Nintendo Switch classic Animal Crossing: New Horizons, a Twitch streamer recreated one of the most iconic moments from Squid Game.

An Animal Crossing: New Horizons streamer recreated one of the most famous scenes from Netflix’s recently released hit series, Squid Game, using the game. One of the images from the stream captured and shared on Twitter has received thousands of likes and hundreds of shares from gamers and Squid Game fans alike.

Squid Game is Netflix’s newest must-see show, wowed viewers all over the world with its dramatic twists and turns. The nine-episode series follows the events of six children’s games in which hundreds of players, many of whom are struggling financially, compete for a large cash prize. However, when contestants realize they’re playing for their lives, things take a turn for the worse, with those who are eliminated from the games being eliminated in real life. The series has been a huge hit with gamers, and crossover fanart has already sprung up, with one artist recently reimagining the Squid Game guards as Among Us imposters.

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On Twitter, Twitch streamer crossingcolleen’s recreation of the first Animal Crossing’s Squid Game was a hit. The streamer’s image from her recent AC live stream themed around the Squid Game shows her and a friend roleplaying as Seong Gi-hun and another contestant, Ali. During the Red Light, Green Light motion detection game, the duo uses Animal Crossing’s Reactions to recreate Ali stopping Gi-hun from falling and saving his life. With the tracksuits made by streamer and YouTuber isleofmichelle, the iconic moment shows the versatility of Animal Crossing and the creativity of the streamer and the community. On crossingcolleen’s Twitch channel, you can watch the entire Squid Game and Animal Crossing stream.

The clever Squid Game Animal Crossing recreation uses similar poses and similar decorative items to those seen in the show. For example, a player dressed in a yellow dress with a wide-eyed stare is a near-perfect replica of the robot doll from the show, while the Rice-Paddy Wall has been used to closely mimic the background of the Red Light Green Light arena. The familiar green tracksuits worn by Crossingcolleen and her friends are available for download through the Design App with the code MA-0495-3409-0951.

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The wide variety of items and customization tools in Animal Crossing make it the ideal game for recreating famous scenes from fan-favourite movies and shows. Players have pushed the Nintendo Switch game to its limits with original and clever designs, drawing inspiration from Netflix shows and other games. More Animal Crossing fan builds and designs inspired by the series are likely on the way, thanks to the success of Squid Game.

Source:Ā Twitter/crossingcolleen