Stranger Things Game Puzzle Tales Announced Ahead of Season 4

Stranger Things Game Puzzle Tales Announced Ahead of Season 4

Stranger Things: Puzzle Tales is a new story-driven puzzle role-playing game for mobile that stars Eleven, Hopper, and other Stranger Things characters.

Stranger Things fans now have a new way to pass the time until the show’s fourth season premieres due to the release of Stranger Things: Puzzle Tales, a new smartphone game. Players will acquire several characters from the hit Netflix show, including Eleven and Jim Hopper from Stranger Things, while completing puzzle tasks, mastering character skills, and unraveling Hawkins’ mysteries.

Stranger Things is one of Netflix’s biggest hits, wowed viewers with supernatural action and 1980s horror, but fans have been waiting for the show’s fourth season for a long time. Stranger Things three premiered in 2019, and Netflix has confirmed that fresh episodes won’t be accessible until 2022, but there’s a lot more in store for the future – particularly for gamers. For Magic, the Gathering, a new Stranger Things Secret Lair card expansion has been revealed. Ubisoft has confirmed that Far Cry 6, the most current installment in the beloved action series, would receive Stranger Things DLC at some point in the future.

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Stranger Things: Puzzle Tales is a good option for those eager for a new Stranger Things experience right away. Stranger Things: Puzzle Tales, a free-to-play mobile adventure from Next Games and licensed by Netflix, is now available for iOS and Android devices. Players can expect Saturday morning cartoon-style graphics and 1980s influence throughout the release, containing classic locales from the show and several familiar people, which is described as a story-driven puzzle role-playing game. There are 50 different Stranger Things characters in the game and recognizable opponents like Demogorgons and “hundreds” of supernatural beasts. To get directly into the heart of the Upside Down, unlock rewards and upgrades, proceed through puzzle quests, and master characters’ powers.

Stranger Things: Puzzle Tales is based on the Stranger Things TV show, and its mythos and will allow players to explore many of the bizarre and eerie areas that fans are familiar with. Areas depicted in the puzzle game include Mike’s basement, the Palace Arcade, Hawkins National Laboratory, and Starcourt Mall, which have all been seen in all three seasons of the Netflix hit. Eleven, Mike, Lucas, Will, Dustin, Max, and Chief Jim Hopper, Joyce, Steve, and Nancy will be featured alongside fan favorites, including Chief Jim Hopper, Joyce, Steve, and Nancy.

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The latest Stranger Things game should help appease fans who have yet to see new episodes of the show. While the new season will most certainly be worth the wait for fans, gamers have turned to video games to create their Stranger Things in games like Animal Crossing to help pass the time until the new season is released. While Stranger Things: Puzzle Tales features distinct visuals and fresh storylines, it’s still very much a Stranger Things game, featuring not just the same people and locales as the show but also the frightening and unsettling supernatural menace. Stranger Things: Puzzle Tales could make the wait for the program’s fourth season a little more enjoyable.

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