Squid Game Video Game Being Looked Into By Netflix

Squid Game Video Game Being Looked Into By Netflix

Although no firm plans have been announced, Netflix is considering a Squid Game video game as part of its gaming expansion aspirations.

Netflix is reportedly considering launching a Squid Game video game following its meteoric surge to the top of its charts. Netflix has already stated its intention to enter the gaming industry. Thus a Squid Game video game is likely to be at the top of the company’s priority list as it tries to establish itself as a viable game developer/publisher.

Netflix announced earlier this year that it would begin producing video games, presumably beginning with mobile games. All games will be included in the service at no additional charge, although no disclosed titles. It’s unclear whether Netflix will include third-party games. Still, it has already started working on first-party titles with Night School Studio, the developer behind Oxenfree, which it recently purchased. Given that it’s still early days, it’ll be some time before Netflix has a significant impact in the game industry, but it has the IP to compete with Xbox and PlayStation.

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Netflix’s VP of programming for Asia-Pacific, Minyoung Kim, said in an interview with The Hollywood Reporter that the firm aims to expand on the Squid Game IP in a significant way. Netflix is “considering” making a Squid Game video game, although nothing has been decided yet. Fans have already incorporated Squid Game into games like GTA Online and Animal Crossing, indicating that a playable version of the beloved series is in high demand. However, given the time it takes to build a video game, the show could be several seasons before an official game is released.

“My team’s job is to take a comprehensive look at all of those possibilities in order to develop a roadmap for the Squid Game IP. We’re looking in a variety of sectors, including games, consumer products, and others, to see what we can deliver to our fans that will improve their affinity for our material and bring them greater joy, while remaining faithful to the universe that our creator has created.”

Despite Netflix’s lack of gaming intentions, fans can expect a Squid Game mobile game shortly. It’s unclear whether an actual AAA console game for the IP will ever be released, but it looks like something that would fit in nicely with the current battle royale/party game zeitgeist. Squid Game has already been compared to Fall Guys, so there’s a chance that some crossover DLC will emerge due to the hype.

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Regardless, a Squid Game appears to be unavoidable. Netflix has already produced games based on Stranger Things and Narcos, albeit on a shoestring budget. There’s also a chance that the streamer will try to tell a spin-off story within the Squid Game universe using the experimental choose your adventure method utilized for Black Mirror.

Source: The Hollywood Reporter