Spanish Football Club’s GTA: San Andreas-Style Signing Announcement is Absolutely Brilliant

Spanish Football Club's GTA: San Andreas-Style Signing Announcement is Absolutely Brilliant

Real Betis, a Spanish eleven, celebrated the signing of Pezzella in GTA: San Andreas style. The video is hilarious, and it’s inspired by the evergreen grand larceny Auto. The clip starts with striker Ettore Rubial saying, “oh boy, here we return .” this is often a classic GTA meme- well, during a more family-friendly version.

After this, he jogged and jumped awkwardly, a bit like a PlayStation 2 era character, which is sort of nostalgic. Then he got on a scooter and headed towards the stadium. After struggling tons to urge through the sport, Rubial finally needs to meet his teammate, Guido Rodriguez. Then, the pair presented signing Pezzella with the team’s shirt. After this completion of the mission, a “Mission Passed” sign is shown, like GTA.

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The GTA style clip is winning hearts on social media

The team has posted this hilarious clip on social media, and it’s already very fashionable. The parody clip is already winning hearts. The video is earning tons of praises on social media for its creativity and genuine attempt to recreate the last word grand larceny Auto HUD. However, some people are still saying that it’s not the primary time these paradox videos are being made.

According to some people, Real Betis isn’t the primary club to be so creative. About 3 months back (in May 2021), Polish team Wisła Płock has also shared an identical video on social media named GTA Wisla Plock.

In a politician statement, Real Betis wrote, “We have all heard the old saying ‘that second parts were never good.’ However, here we must make the exception to the rule. Pezzella returns to Benito Villamarín at the instant when the Betic team needs the foremost to seek out the veteran and, therefore, the leadership within the defensive position within the face of the shortcomings that we’ve, and within the face of the long season where the three competitions were fought.”

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