How to: Fix Slack is Not Automatically Loading New Messages

How to: Fix Slack is Not Automatically Loading New Messages

Here we can see, “How to: Fix Slack is Not Automatically Loading New Messages”

  • In today’s hectic and competitive corporate world, teamwork is essential.
  • Millions of users use Slack to communicate with coworkers and collaborators and advance their projects.
  • Consider a server outage if Slack doesn’t automatically load new messages.

Slack is one of the most widely utilized networks for team members and employees to interact. When you need it, it occasionally fails to load fresh messages automatically.

You’ll discover the most straightforward solutions to this issue in this post. It’s important to note that these instructions work for both the desktop and browser versions of the Slack application.

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How can I solve Slack message loading errors?

1. Fix connection issues

The actions you need to take are as follows:

    1. Look into your Internet connection.
    2. Launch a new webpage to accomplish this.
      • Reset the connection and try again if it doesn’t work.

You must do the Slack connection test once the Internet connection has been restored:

    1. Visit the website for Slack’s connection test.
    2. Once the test is through, if any issues arise, get in touch with your Internet provider, and they should help you out.

Furthermore, when you lose Internet access, DNS errors will probably manifest themselves in your browser. Never hold off on fixing DNS PROBE FINISHED NXDOMAIN Chrome issues and getting everything back on track.

2. Clear cache memory

Given that Google Chrome is currently the most widely used browser, we will demonstrate how to do it with this browser. The procedures you must follow in order to clear the browser’s cache memory are as follows:

    1. Fire up Google Chrome.
    2. Hold down Ctrl, Shift, and Delete.
      • You must choose the time period for which you wish to remove the cache in the new window that will appear. Choose All.
    3. The box labeled “Images and Files in Cache” should be checked.
    4. Click Delete Browsing Data to complete.
    5. Update the website.

It can be a good idea to empty the cache memory of your browser if any new messages won’t begin to load. Depending on the software being used, this is done differently. Those that use Slack in their browser directly can use it this way.

3. Re-install the app

    1. Click “Start.”
    2. Just enter Slack.
    3. Click and hold the app’s icon.
    4. To uninstall, click.
    5. Install the app once more by downloading it from the official Slack website.

Most likely, using this technique will result in the deletion of every problem that has ever occurred, making your fresh messages visible when you log into your account.

There are several ways to enable Slack to load your new messages, as seen in the examples above.

Try one of these strategies based on the version you’re using. And if you’re using the desktop version and they don’t function, just re-install the program. This will undoubtedly resolve the problem.


I hope you found this guide useful. If you’ve got any questions or comments, don’t hesitate to use the shape below.

User Questions

1. How do I sync messages from Slack?

    1. Connect to Slack.
    2. Put the /sync command in any message or channel.
    3. Press enter or return after entering /sync.
    4. To share a file, navigate to it.
    5. Any file’s (ellipsis) icon can be clicked to open a menu; select Share a link.
    6. Select “Share” from the menu.

2. How can I check the availability of Slack?

Your teammates can tell if you’ve paused your notifications and if you’re set to active or away from you by looking at the dot next to your name. Your availability is automatically determined to be involved when Slack is open on your desktop or mobile device.

3. How can I configure Slack’s automatic status?

    1. At the bottom of your screen, tap the You tab.
    2. Update your status by tapping the field.
    3. If you’d like, type a status first, then hit the emoji icon to choose an emoji. Or pick one of the suggested status choices.
    4. To control when your status will be cleared, tap Clear after.
    5. Click Done.
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