Resident Evil: Code Veronica Is Getting a Fan Remake This Year

Resident Evil: Code Veronica Is Getting a Fan Remake This Year

So long as Capcom doesn’t get in the way, a fan-made recreation of Resident Evil: Code Veronica will be released for free on PC this year.

If everything goes according to plan, a fan-made recreation of Resident Evil: Code Veronica will be released sometime this year. Following the phenomenal success of the RE2 remake in 2019, an interest in Resident Evil remakes skyrocketed. While the remake for RE3 didn’t quite meet the mark, fans of the series are curious to see where Capcom will take the franchise next in terms of updated re-releases. To be sure, Code Veronica would be a good next step.

Resident Evil: Code Veronica is a prequel to Resident Evil 2 that follows Claire and Chris Redfield trying to escape the horrors of a T-Virus pandemic. The RE2 sequel received a lot of positive press when it first came out, but it had a slow start due to its Dreamcast release. Fortunately, when the game was ported to the PS2 and GameCube, an upgraded version called Code: Veronica X helped tip the scales. While Capcom released a Code: Veronica X remaster for the PS3, and Xbox 360 in 2011, a current remake of the iconic game appears to be long overdue.

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A group of fans published a trailer for their Resident Evil: Code Veronica remake project (via IGN) over the 2021 Christmas season, which will be available for free this year on PC. According to the production team’s official website, the remake will be released in three segments, each lasting about four hours. Another notice on the site makes it plain that because Capcom controls the Resident Evil license, the fan-made Code Veronica version could be cancelled at any time. For the time being, prospective gamers may expect numerous languages, new animations, RE3 Remake-inspired dodge mechanics, a fire and rain reaction system, and several graphical improvements in the latest version. Check out the trailer in the following tweet:

Again, there’s no guarantee that Capcom won’t intervene and stop this release project. For the time being, the Code Veronica remake appears to be rather promising, with additions that should satisfy those yearning for a modernized version of the experience.

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Resident Evil Village, Capcom‘s most current RE adventure, was released in May 2021 to praise PC and consoles critically. It also had a strong commercial performance, selling more than five million devices worldwide in October 2021. Now, fans eagerly await details on the highly anticipated Resident Evil Village DLC.

In 2022, the fan-made Resident Evil: Code Veronica remake will be released for free on PC.

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