WWE 2K22 Trailer Highlights Roman Reigns and the Return of GM Mode

WWE 2K22 Trailer Highlights Roman Reigns and the Return of GM Mode

New models for WWE Superstars like Roman Reigns and Rey Mysterio and returning game modes are revealed in a WWE 2K22 trailer.

The new character models for WWE superstars like Roman Reigns and Rey Mysterio and returning game modes like MyGM are showcased in a WWE 2K22 teaser. Even though it won’t be released until March 2022, WWE 2K22 signals the comeback of the wrestling game franchise after the critically panned release of WWE 2K20. It was riddled with game-breaking flaws and problems at launch, causing 2K Sports to postpone the next yearly entry to give the developer Visual Concepts another year to polish the game.

Yuke’s Co., a former WWE game developer, worked on practically every game released by the sports entertainment corporation since WWF SmackDown! on the PlayStation 1. Many expected that Yuke’s and Visual Concepts’ collaboration would result in a better WWE game, based on the latter’s success with the NBA 2K series. Players and critics thought the franchise’s quality plummeted after the renaming to WWE 2K, and Yuke’s has since left the series.

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A new WWE 2K22 teaser shows off some of the game’s redesigned WWE Superstar models. The WWE 2K22 trailer features Roman Reigns, Rey Mysterio, WWE Champion Big E, Goldberg, etc. They will be playable in the fan-favorite GM Mode, which was also shown off in a teaser. The game’s new engine is visible in action, and the franchise’s control scheme appears to have been altered. While the new control scheme is largely similar to earlier iterations, it also adds the ability to block, whereas previous entries offered reversals as a defensive option against attacks. Fraction is a new feature that allows players to construct personalized wrestling stables like the New Day or The Shield.

The Universe, MyCareer (formerly renamed MyRise), 2K Showcase, and Creation Suite modes are also back. The 2K Showcase mode in WWE 2K22 will highlight Rey Mysterio, Jr.’s famous WWE career. Meanwhile, the Creation Suite has been updated to incorporate the addition of wrestling styles, which affect the appearance of a custom wrestler. Visual Concepts has promised that all details about the game will be released in January, two months before the game’s intended release date.

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Given that the real-life wrestling organization has launched more than 70 wrestlers in the last year, it’s unclear how vast WWE 2K22’s allegedly outdated roster will be. It wouldn’t be shocking if 2K Sports postponed the announcement of the WWE 2K22 roster for as long as possible. Many high-profile stars, including Daniel Bryan, are supposedly being dropped in favor of competitors like AEW. With a steady stream of contract releases practically every quarter, who will make the final cut for the new game is anyone’s guess.

WWE 2K22 is set to release in March 2022.

Source: WWE 2K/YouTube