raspberry pi uses

raspberry pi uses

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What is a Raspberry Pi?

The Raspberry Pi may be a low cost, credit-card-sized computer that plugs into a computer monitor or TV and uses a typical keyboard and mouse. However, it’s a little capable device that permits people of all ages to explore computing and find out how to program in languages like Scratch and Python. It’s capable of doing everything you’d expect a personal computer to try to, from browsing the web and playing high-definition video to creating spreadsheets, word-processing, and playing games.

What’s more, the Raspberry Pi has the power to interact with the surface world and has been utilized in a good array of digital maker projects, from music machines and parent detectors to weather stations and tweeting birdhouses with infra-red cameras. Therefore, we would like to ascertain the Raspberry Pi used by kids everywhere on the planet to program and understand how computers work.

What Raspberry Pi models have been released?

There are many generations of the Raspberry Pi line: Pi 1 to 4, and even a Pi 400. There has generally been a Model A and a Model B of most generations. Model A has been a less costly variant and possesses reduced RAM and fewer ports (such as USB and Ethernet). The Pi Zero may be a spinoff of the first (Pi 1) generation, made even smaller and cheaper. Here’s the lineup so far:

  • Pi 1 Model B (2012)
  • Pi 1 Model A (2013)
  • Pi 1 Model B+ (2014)
  • Pi 1 Model A+ (2014)
  • Pi 2 Model B (2015)
  • Pi Zero (2015)
  • Pi 3 Model B (2016)
  • Pi Zero W (2017)
  • Pi 3 Model B+ (2018)
  • Pi 3 Model A+ (2019)
  • Pi 4 Model A (2019)
  • Pi 4 Model B (2020)
  • Pi 400 (2021)

20 Best Uses for a Raspberry Pi

1.Incredibly mini Mac

Long before Steve Jobs and Jony Ive started causing premature embolisms within the chests of product designers at every other tech outfit, Apple products (like every other computer company, to be fair) were hulking beasts shrouded in grey plastic cases of banality. But they were trailblazers.

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In a tribute to the clunky pioneers of years gone, programmer Jannis Hermanns has constructed the first Mac out of LEGO, a Raspberry Pi and an e-reader after a very inspiring session of LEGO together with his son. That afternoon must are stormy if the Wi-Fi went out too.

2.Lego Rubik’s Cube solver

In a beautiful marriage of two of the original customizable consumer items in history, Reddit creator Francesco Georg used Lego and a Raspberry Pi to overcome one among the foremost frustrating consumer items in history – the Rubik’s Cube.

Georg’s creation can solve the Rubik’s Cube in around 90 seconds, not as fast as some machines and even some humans, but they aren’t made up of Lego.

3.Bitcoin mining machine

Bitcoin has gotten a touch of a nasty rep since its launch in 2008 but has many benefits over traditional currencies, mainly that there aren’t too many fat cats swimming in bitcoins and laughing maniacally.

Getting ahead within the bitcoin game are often done by mining which involves some maths, so forget that. Fortunately, your Raspberry Pi is here to save lots of you, specifically the Raspberry Pi 2.

The Raspberry Pi 2 features a large RAM and a high processing power which may handle the facility hungry miner software like BFGMiner, maybe a ‘modular ASIC/FPGA featuring monitoring and remote interface capabilities. Once installed, users can start mining and may even connect more Raspberry Pis to extend the speed.

4.Lock up your daughters (and other family members)

Turning 21 is meant to be amid the time-honoured tradition of getting the “key to the house” – kind of like being granted the keys to a city but where your only accomplishment isn’t having removed by 21.

However, during this day and age, it’s unlikely most folks will have removed by 35, so what better way of updating the tradition to the digital age and securing your home with a Raspberry Pi?

The team over at Hacker House have developed how of upgrading your house to be capable of granting entry with a smartphone – which, let’s face it’s tons harder to lose than your housekeys given it’s virtually glued to our hands anyway – and, even better, without having to dismantle walls to accomplish.

5.Wireless printer

Despite printers being consistently developed per annum, they’re still almost universally susceptible to the precise same errors they were in 1989 – the paper is jammed, the printer cannot hook up with the pc, or the ink has seemingly vanished – so if you get reliable one, it’s understandable you’d want to stay with it.

Rather than forking out for a replacement one that only might work, a Raspberry Pi can transform your old printer into a wireless printer so you’ll keep step with the flashy, other-room-printing neighbours.

6.Pirate radio

If digital tech putting most analogue tech out of business weren’t enough, you’d also kick it while it’s down using Oliver Mattos and Oskar Weigl’s Raspberry Pi concoction.

This device transforms the Raspberry Pi into an FM transmitter capable of starting from 7.5 – 107.9 MHz. However, you’ll probably need to find a frequency that’s not already in use or risk interfering with licensed broadcasters.

7.3D scanner

3D printing is the most significant tech introduction since the iPod if the iPod cost quite most people’s cars. Unfortunately, the tech may take a couple of more years before it becomes truly accessible. However, don’t let that stop you from scanning all the items you’ll be printing when it does get there.

For this project, instructables.com user the_anykey used 40 Pis and 40 cameras (although stresses it might be through with much fewer) also as 40 8gb SD cards and, disappointingly, just one power.

The cameras are intended to fireside all directly then create a complete image of something which can be harder to convince to stay still with just one camera, sort of a kid or drunken brawl. Once scanned, the 3D image is rendered and prepared for a few geniuses to form a 3D printer out of a Raspberry Pi (hint).

8.Home theatre

There are few things more dadlike than cracking puns, embarrassing daughters and building home theatres. Who wants to observe Game of Thrones without 17.1 surround sound and a TV, sort of a kingsize mattress? Nobody, that’s who.

Unfortunately, few folks can afford the newest swimming bath sized TVs and associated equipment. Jamie McKane, however, has come up with how of not only living it large with state of art but doing it in a way that’s upgradable, convenient and in particular, cheaper than a family car.

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For generations of mice sneaking into homes for crumbs, getting busted almost certainly carried a death sentence, either at the hands of a sadistic cat slaking a bloodlust or under the bars of a brutal spring-powered trap. Even with the arrival of humane traps, mice would be left in solitary to believe what they’ve done, not knowing whether you’ll remember to see it ever again.

This Raspberry Pi invention from Alain Mauer offers a harmless alternative for the mice. Working sort of a common humane trap takes an image of the mouse once inside and sends you an email to notify you to return let it out, preferably distant.

10.Voice activated coffee machine

Without coffee, most of the people would barely be people. And with verbal and motor skills coming at a premium very first thing within the morning, Developer Garden and Oracle administered service to humanity by allowing you to invite a coffee without having to offer your name to a resentful barista who’s getting to spell it wrong anyway.

The staff at Developer Garden joined forces with Oracle to hack a Nespresso coffee machine to form it works via voice controls using just a Raspberry Pi and a smartphone.

11.Smart mirror

One of the foremost popular uses for a Raspberry Pi has been the intelligent mirror, giving the foremost selfish generation in history one more reason to admire their visages.

Mirror mirror on the wall; who’s the neatest of them all? Michael Teeuw created his smart mirror by mounting mirror glaze a flat black display while outputting white text on the background to display clocks, weather, calendar and news feed through a Raspberry Pi.

12.Pet feeder

Having a pet is among the few joys in life that don’t need technology to be still fulfilling, but that doesn’t mean you can’t get them involved anyway, whether that’s getting them their iPad because you’ve got extra money than sense or, more sensibly, following creator David Bryan to make an automatic pet feeder.

David uses his feeder to regulate what his cat eats so it doesn’t become overweight when he’s away but, more likely, it also can be wont to confirm you don’t accidentally starve it.

13.Robot R2DT

Way before Lucas stopped having the ability to resist the compulsion to ruin his reputation, R2D2 was the excellent, cutest movie character without a face. Therefore the beeps little wheelie bin was made into a veritable litany of various toys.

Not content with the poor standards of the mass-produced toys, however, YouTube user Greensheller decided to enhance the offering for his girlfriend’s birthday.

By including a Raspberry Pi inside a typical R2D2 toy, the cheeky little fellow is now equipped with even more gadgets than the first movie character. It’s Wi-Fi, speech control, face recognition, motion detection, distance detection and audio message record and replay – although no holograms, sorry.

14.Xbox Zero

Whoever designed the first Xbox controller had seemingly only had a fleeting glance at a pair of human hands, perhaps through a bus window or something, because it was notoriously unwieldy. However, its vast size means other things can fit nicely inside, things sort of a Raspberry Pi Zero.

Crafty tinkerer Terence Eden decided to do away with the particular Xbox and make the controller a beat one games console. Employing a Pi Zero and a few steady hands, Terence’s contraption plays a spread of classic games on any TV.


Rather than let people take their pictures at your party, why not found out your photo booth? Then, dictate the media and control the message! We’re not going thus far on suggesting you ought to ban phones from your party, though; you’ll still let your guests reassure people that they don’t care that they’re at a celebration.

This photo booth is predicated on a Raspberry Pi with a Pi camera module. It incorporates a touchscreen and may email pictures or upload them to share with buddies who didn’t listen and now have square heads.

16.Baby monitor

New parents exist during a hazy state of sleep deprivation which may become so discombobulating that they start to like being at work – it’s going to have something to try to to with going to leave your kids somewhere, but who knows.

To remedy that and obtain back to the groove of resenting the notion of regular employment, an ingenious Raspberry Pi found out can help reduce the number of nightmares of getting young children.

Incorporating a webcam and motion-sensing package makes it possible to stream the baby live to a phone or tablet. You’ll also monitor the temperature and even play calming music; therefore, the baby goes back to sleep and allow you to parent effortlessly, i.e. without getting out of bed.

17.Smart TV

Much like the printer mentioned above, buying an entirely new TV for one additional feature would make about the foremost devoted techie’s baulk. Ironically though, these devoted techies also are presumed to be best placed to negate the necessity to distribute.

You can transform any regular “dumb” TV into a sensible TV by employing a Raspberry Pi to stream Netflix, search google, stream music and watch movies. You’ll also install the Kodi software on the Pi to stream everything from one place.


Brewing tea is an English tradition that, while we still drink enough to float a hippo, is unfortunately forgotten during a world late for the dentist.

Instructables.com user perilous wanted to revive the thought of genuinely expecting your tea to brew rather than pouring scolding brown water down your throat after 10 seconds. So his clever and travel-ready device brews the tea for a selected amount of your time – default five minutes – and removes the tea, and alerts you when ready.

Drink up.


Nintendo’s Gameboy is one of the only successful getting kids to quieten in car journeys ever. Still, their technology is no longer capable of maintaining with the advances of recent phones, i.e. it can’t get Snapchat.

However, with the Raspberry Pi, you’ll convert an old Gameboy with retro games into a replacement one with a colour display, more buttons, brightness control, colour contrast and a USB Bluetooth adapter.

20.Christmas lights controller

There’s nothing like proving to your neighbours that you’re getting to be a drag than putting your Christmas lights up by Bonfire Night. Once they’re abreast of a wise date, however, you’ll use a Raspberry Pi to rank up your festive cheer to 11. Having a Raspberry Pi Christmas lights controller can allow you to synchronize lights to music and even automate a whole display using the frequency spectrum of the live music you haven’t turned off for a month.

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User Questions:

1.How expensive maybe a Raspberry Pi?

So here’s the present lineup for the Raspberry Pi 4: Raspberry Pi 4 with 2GB of RAM for $35. Raspberry Pi 4 with 4GB of RAM for $55. Raspberry Pi 4 with 8GB of RAM for $75.

2.Can I use Raspberry Pi as a PC?

The Raspberry Pi 4 Model B comes in three configurations, with 1GB, 2GB or 4GB of memory. If you’re thinking of using it as a desktop system, you would like to urge the 2GB or 4GB model. It’s that straightforward . … The official Raspberry Pi Case is that the best looking I even have seen thus far, a minimum of for just the RPi 4 board itself.

3.Is Raspberry Pi 4 good for programming?

The Raspberry Pi 4 is a superb tiny personal computer for tinkerers and programming enthusiasts with configurable memory amounts, gigabit Ethernet, and dual-display output.

4.What am I able to do with a Raspberry Pi, realistically

What can I do with a Raspberry Pi, realistically from raspberry_pi

5.Raspberry Pi OS for arm64 finally released!

Raspberry Pi OS for arm64 finally released! from raspberry_pi