PS5 & More Free Rewards Can Be Won By Playing Games, Earning Trophies

PS5 & More Free Rewards Can Be Won By Playing Games, Earning Trophies

Sony has introduced a new competition in which users may win prizes, including PlayStation 5 consoles, by assisting in achieving community goals.

By accomplishing community goals, users can win various prizes, including a PlayStation 5 console, in a new PlayStation competition. The news follows the recent PlayStation State of Play event, which unveiled more information about several upcoming games, including Death’s Door, We Are OFK, and Little Devil Inside. In a series of trailers, Sony provided in-depth views of the games.

Sony announced the PlayStation Plus games for November earlier this week. The campaign will be expanded next month, with three virtual reality games joining the normal lineup. This is a unique addition to commemorate PSVR’s fifth anniversary, and it will bring the total number of titles accessible to six. Knockout City, First Class Trouble, and Kingdoms of Amalur: Re-Reckoning is among the PS Plus games available in November, as are the PSVR games The Persistence, The Walking Dead: Saints & Sinners, and Until You Fall.

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Sony has announced a new competition in which contestants can win PlayStation 5 consoles and Pulse 3D wireless headsets, among other prizes. Sony revealed a set of community goals while announcing the “Seize the Throne” competition on the official PlayStation website. Participants will gain points by playing PlayStation games, unlocking trophies, and sharing features to open three different stages. Everyone who participates will receive an avatar and a theme, and big rewards will be presented once all of the stages have been accomplished.

Meanwhile, rumors say that Sakcboy: A Big Adventure will be the next PlayStation exclusive game released on PC. The 2020 release is being converted to PC, according to leaked information from SteamDB. It’s been speculated that references to “Marmalade Content” and “sumoqa” are relevant to the game’s project name and developer Sumo Digital. Horizon: Zero Dawn was previously released on Steam and the Epic Games Store by Sony.

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It’s pretty uncommon for companies to hold tournaments for their customers, and the inclusion of PlayStation systems and headsets as rewards makes sense. On the other hand, the ring set is an odd grand prize, albeit its rarity will almost certainly ensure that it is in high demand all around the world. It won’t be long before PlayStation gamers all across the globe start grinding for their rings.

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