Police Embarrassingly Ruin GTA Online Car Chase Recreation

Police Embarrassingly Ruin GTA Online Car Chase Recreation

Due to some unpleasant involvement from the Los Santos police, one Grand Theft Auto Online fan’s dramatic pursuit scenario came to an ugly conclusion.

The police ruined one Grand Theft Auto Online player’s car chase movie replica, ending in an embarrassing but amusing conclusion. Grand Theft Auto 5 surpassed all sales predictions in the years after its release, and it remains a commercial success to this day, with fans continuing to enjoy the world thanks to the ever-expanding GTA Online. GTA Online The Contract, a hugely successful and newly released upgrade, is presently being enjoyed by players.

The most recent major GTA Online update is one of the most significant to date, bringing some of the game’s most popular characters, including Franklin and Chop, into the conflict. Dr. Dre’s new music tracks and the rapper himself are included in the Contract extension. Players are entrusted with the update with retrieving Dre’s misplaced phone, which includes unreleased songs, thus assisting Franklin in securing Dre as a client. The Contract, which was published in December, caters to fans of both the online and campaign aspects of the most recent GTA games and has even assisted in resolving GTA 5 mysteries such as Michael De Santa’s fate.

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Outlaw515o, a GTA Online player, attempted to recreate one of the automobile chase moments from the film Gone in 60 Seconds in the streets of Los Santos but was comically foiled by the cops. Outlaw515o had gone to great lengths to prepare for their big day, but the game’s AI was not on the same page as the player. The cops rear-ended Outlaw515o’s getaway car in a culvert just after they began their would-be-epic flee in the style of Nicholas Cage. This would not have been a problem in and of itself, but Outlaw515o was spun around by 90 degrees owing to some strange twist of fate. Instead, Outlaw515o found themselves wedged between the tunnel’s two walls, reenacting a hilarious scene from the film Austin Powers while they awaited their impending capture.

Austin Powers Would Be Proud. I was setting up a chase scene with the cops. All the setup for nothing. I got Austin Powers’d from GrandTheftAutoV

While Grand Theft Auto Online provides plenty of entertainment for fans, as evidenced by the above video, many are eager to learn more about the next GTA game in development. GTA 6 has been the subject of long-running rumors, but creator Rockstar Games has yet to make an official announcement, leaving conjecture about the game’s plot, setting, and release date to persist.

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Even though Rockstar has yet to commit to any news regarding Grand Theft Auto 6, the developer is still putting a lot of time and effort into GTA Online. Many people were surprised by the release of The Contract, which hints that even more big-name content expansions could be planned for 2022. With additional material on the way, GTA 5 and its online component don’t appear to be going anywhere anytime soon, especially with the planned release of a new-gen upgrade for GTA 5. This means Outlaw515o may soon be able to reenact their spectacular chase…without the cops interfering.

Source: Outlaw515o/Reddit