Phasmophobia’s Anniversary Update Adds Offline Single-Player Feature

Phasmophobia's Anniversary Update Adds Offline Single-Player Feature

Kinetic Games launched offline single-player for Phasmophobia’s anniversary, alongside bug fixes and ghost journal updates with enhanced menus.

Kinetic Games’ co-op horror game, Phasmophobia, celebrates its anniversary by adding an offline single-player feature. The eerie, psychological title rose in popularity this year and is currently one among the very best rated titles on Steam – that’s an extended thanks to climbing for an Indie title that’s still in its early access since launching a year ago. Despite its small development team, the sport still sees regular Phasmophobia updates, with new ghosts and quality of life changes.

Users on Steam have claimed Phasmophobia is one among the scariest games they need ever played, which playing it alone would be even more terrifying. Thankfully, those that approached the sport solo can invite their friends to avoid traversing the paranormal landscape alone. The horror title has grown from its simple Indie roots to massive popularity with a four-player co-op. This is often pretty impressive considering that, until June, Phasmophobia had just one developer.

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On Sept. 18, Kinetic Games launched Phasmophobia’s anniversary update with offline single-player and more. It released notes for this new update on Steam and extensively described the minor changes to current gameplay – also because of its new single-player option. This feature doesn’t connect you to the game’s servers and permits players to venture into its paranormal activity on their own. This update also includes a journal overhaul that increases accessibility to the game’s menus and improves its organizational aspects. For example, players may now cross out items within the journal when tracking ghost evidence, meaning they’ll spend less time meandering within the dark if they’ve lost track.

Kinetic Games also used this anniversary as a chance to repair some ongoing bugs within the game. It addressed a memory leak on most menus for players using controllers and glued an exploit that allowed players to cover from ghosts. This effectively makes the sport scarier; not even cheating can debar fear now. Kinetic Games also wrote a quick mention of “many great updates planned for the longer term .” the sport appears to be updated somewhat consistently, seeing as this anniversary patch is its second update in but one month after Phasmophobia’s Exposition update launched in late August.

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The inclusion of a single-player option is somewhat odd for a game that owes its award-winning debut success to cooperative immersion. However, supported Steam reviews, it looks like tons of players prefer to play alone but sometimes finds themselves hesitant to continue out of fear. But with Kinetic Games’ new offline single-player option, users playing alone will need to bear the burden of that have and not recoil from it. And as the spooky season approaches with Halloween a touch over a month away, Phasmophobia will likely continue startling players in new ways, either alone or with friends.

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