Panasonic SoundSlayer is a wearable speaker necklace made for gamers

Panasonic SoundSlayer is a wearable speaker necklace made for gamers

If you spend long sessions playing games and find that even the foremost comfortable headset becomes uncomfortable after a couple of hours, Pansonic features a new product for you. The Panasonic SC-GN01 SoundSlayer wearable immersive gaming loudspeaker is meant to suit around the user’s neck, resting on their shoulders almost like a necklace.

Immersive audio is essential when gaming because it allows you to listen to subtle details which will influence your gameplay, including footsteps approaching or a beast nearby. However, wearing a headset for hours on end can get hot and uncomfortable, which is where Panasonic‘s new SC-GN01 comes in.

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Panasonic introduced the new gaming audio accessory during Gamescom 2021, presenting an outsized loudspeaker that’s designed to suit around the user’s neck and rest on their shoulders. the corporate says it used an ergonomic design paired with a trio of sound modes to supply what it describes as a “vast sound field.”

Panasonic teamed with Square Enix on the new SoundSlayer model; users can expect Role-Playing Game, First-Person Shooter, and Voice mode options, plus cinema and music modes for those times the speaker is employed for enjoying media. The unit likewise packs two noise-canceling and echo-canceling microphones for voice chat.

Other features include four full-range speakers and, therefore, the True Majestic Augmented Gaming Environment audio system (MAGESS), plus Panasonic’s signal processing tech and support for multi-channel audio sources. In addition, Panasonic promises an immersive experience that will, for instance, present accurately placed gunfire, footsteps, and other noises within the generated sound field.

Pricing and availability details are unclear at this point.

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