One Small Change Makes Minecraft Items Look Totally Wrong

One Small Change Makes Minecraft Items Look Totally Wrong

A Minecraft player has transformed various objects in the game’s inventory interface vertical, giving them an unusual appearance.

A Minecraft fan altered the game’s inventory interface by turning all the goods vertical, resulting in strange and disturbing effects. Most fan projects in the popular crafting game focus around stunning in-game constructions; one famous project is a 10-kilometre Minecraft motorway that took 5 months to complete. Players have created astonishing devices, including playable games like Dance Dance Revolution, utilising the game’s Redstone system, in addition to enormous architectural works. However, some Minecraft fans think outside the box and experiment with the game’s basic pieces in unusual ways.

The well-known sandbox game has been alive since 2011, and it has experienced numerous revisions since then. Over the years, developer Mojang has continued improving the game, showing no signs of slowing down anytime soon. For example, Mojang presented the future Wild Update at Minecraft Live 2021 this month, including frogs, mangrove swamps, and horrifying new Deep Cities, and will be available in Minecraft next year. Long-time fans will recognise some elements of the game; for example, when things arrive in the game’s inventory screen, they tend to appear at an angle, filling more of the square they appear in.

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This angle turns out to be an important part of the inventory layout. This was demonstrated by Reddit user SexyToaster69420, who displayed an array of inventory items organised vertically. The distinguishing aesthetic of Minecraft’s swords is erased when their 8-bit edges are smoothed off, while basic things like sticks and Blaze Rods look far less dynamic when displayed in this manner. Foods like melon and fried fish appear strange when adjusted to an angle that differs from the one that fans have grown accustomed to, and objects like paper and decaying flesh become almost unrecognisable.

vertical minecraft items from Minecraft

This isn’t the only request for the long-running game from a Minecraft fan, although most of them are a little more genuine than this strange collection. For example, not long after Minecraft Live introduced the new mangrove swamp habitat, some fans turned to the internet to seek a new capybara-themed Minecraft mob. Such a feature would certainly be a charming addition to the new marshy ecology and would go well with the frogs that have already been confirmed for the biome.

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An adjustment like this would be far more welcomed than the weird re-orientation of inventory objects. Although Minecraft looks a lot different now than when it was initially published a decade ago, some aspects may never change. And, as SexyToaster69420 has shown, some things just shouldn’t.

Minecraft is a game that may be played on any platform.

Source: SexyToaster69420/Reddit