New Skill for Marvel’s Spider-Man Player: Pulling Down Fire Exits

New Skill for Marvel's Spider-Man Player: Pulling Down Fire Exits

According to a Marvel’s Spider-Man gamer, Spidey can pull down fire escapes in the fight, as he can with several other ambient items.

One Marvel’s Spider-Man gamer has just discovered how to use Spidey’s distinctive webbing to pull down fire escapes. For its rewarding narrative that speaks to the core elements of Marvel’s most famous hero, updated versions of beloved characters like Miles Morales and Aunt May, and great attention to detail in the way Spider-Man travels the streets and skylines of New York City, Insomniac’s open-world superhero sandbox has earned high praise and record-breaking sales figures. Spidey can run, hop, somersault, and swing around the enormous game area in Marvel’s Spider-Man, and he can even use the surroundings to knock down his opponents by flinging a structure or garbage can look at their heads with his webs.

Fans are still discovering new hidden elements and Easter Eggs years after Marvel’s Spider-Man initially swung into the PlayStation 4 in 2018. These have included healthy text dialogues between Peter Parker and his beloved Aunt May, as well as subtle clues in Marvel’s Spider-fantastic Man’s Photo Mode that anticipate Dr Otto Octavius’s metamorphosis into the villainous Doc Ock. Players will continue to unearth hidden animations of Spider-Man propelling himself down the many fire escapes that adorn New York’s apartments as Peter interacts with his environment as his heroic alter-ego.

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Spider-Man uses his webbing to pull down a fire escape in the middle of New York City in a recent post to r/SpidermanPS4 (via Game Rant), with putt123 adding that they only discovered this after playing Marvel’s Spider-Man for roughly a year. As Reddit user putt123 found a few days back, Spidey can also knock down that fire escapes. Many people speculated that this ability was added after the game was released, but Daredevil731 pointed out that it was always present in Marvel’s Spider-Man – though it’s unclear whether Spidey can pull down every fire escape in New York City or just specific structures like the one in putt123’s video.

Played this game about a year now and just realised i could do this from SpidermanPS4

The critical and commercial success of Marvel’s Spider-Man has ushered in a new era of high-quality Marvel-based video games in recent years, with Insomniac leading the charge with both Spider-Man: Miles Morales in 2020 and Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 in development. Marvel’s Wolverine, a spin-off starring the X-frontline Men’s mutant berserker that is claimed to take place in the same continuity as Marvel’s Spider-Man and its sequels, is also in development at Insomniac. In the meantime, Spidey has lately appeared in several other video games, including Marvel’s Avengers as a PlayStation-exclusive DLC character and Fortnite as part of the freshly available Chapter 3 Battle Pass.

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When tearing down a massive metal structure in the middle of a busy city street is a bit of a risk for a world-famous superhero like Spider-Man, it’s fantastic that fans are still discovering new hidden secrets and nuances while playing Marvel’s Spider-Man three years later. Spidey is an expert at exploiting his surroundings, and it now appears that he has added New York City fire escapes to his arsenal in the never-ending struggle against crime and super-villainy.

Source: putt123/Reddit (via Game Rant)