Netflix’s Gaming Plans Seem To Include Original Games & Mobile Titles

Netflix's Gaming Plans Seem To Include Original Games & Mobile Titles

Netflix might be getting to develop both original games and mobile titles while simultaneously partnering with second and third-party studios.

As Netflix’s gaming endeavors inch closer to the general public eye, new information regarding its plans becomes more apparent. Recent job listings have revealed that Netflix’s gaming platform could include both original games and mobile titles. It also seems Netflix’s game studio will partner with second and third-party studios during its game development process. The streaming service announced its new computer game division in July, which can reportedly release content starting in 2022. it had been reported that Netflix will primarily specialise in game development for mobile devices, though in what capacity which will be remains unknown.

The computer game service are going to be another feature for subscribers at no additional charge. While its still not clear what Netflix games will appear as if , it had been reported that whatever form those games take will appear for Netflix subscribers freed from charge. Whether these games will appear as if Bandersnatch or Netflix’s version of Minecraft: Story Mode remains unknown, but it seems Netflix’s gaming endeavors are continuously expanding as more information is unveiled. And with 2022 round the corner, subscribers won’t need to wait an excessive amount of longer to undertake the primary Netflix video games.

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As seen within the job listing on the Netflix website, it seems the company’s game division will specialise in original titles and mobile games particularly and include first-party development alongside second/third-party studios. In its job listing for the Technical Director position, Netflix claimed it had been trying to find someone with either AAA or mobile gaming development experience. The listing specifically required a minimum of some experience with mobile game development. In its Product Designer listing, Netflix said it had been trying to find a “lead-level product designer to push the boundaries of mobile games on Netflix.”

It seems that for multiple job listings at Netflix’s gaming studio, applicants must possess experience producing mobile games and a passion for those sorts of video games. Also specified on the listings was the power for applicants to partner with other game studio leaders, which suggests that Netflix are going to be working with second and third-party studios to supply and publish games on its platform.

Netflix are going to be specifically focused on mobile games, but it may have multiple studios and teams within its gaming division. What all will specialise in is up within the air. As of now, though, it seems evident that Netflix are going to be invested in both developing its own games and bringing projects from external developers to life. It had also been previously leaked that PlayStation and Netflix were partnering during this gaming endeavor, which matches the work listings that indicate employees will work with other studios and development teams outside of Netflix.

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