PlayStation May Be Bringing Back Forgotten PS3 Game on PS5


PlayStation could be bringing back a PS3 game on PS5, according to two trademarks. PlayStation’s PS3 was a dark time for the console. After the PS2, which was the most popular console, Sony launched the PS3 at $600. The PS2 was the best-selling console ever. However, the PS3 cost Sony $600. This is even though the PS2 had been the best-selling console. It also charged $600 more than the PS2, while the PS2 offered a similar machine for half the price. Sony’s messaging was wrong. Its first-party output was poor, which made it difficult to sell. Although the PS3 eventually outsold its Xbox 360 counterpart, it was still a failure compared to the PS2 or PS4 sales. Although not a PlayStation Vita-level disaster, it was certainly an outlier compared to other consoles.

Unique architecture was a major problem with the PS3. This unique architecture is the reason why so much of the PS3 library is stuck on the PS3. The PS3 was full of great games and some cult classics, such as PlayStation Home.

It wouldn’t be unreasonable not to expect to see PlayStation Home ever again. But it seems like you would be wrong. In May, Sony filed a trademark relating to PlayStation Home. Now, it has filed another trademark in connection to PlayStation Home.

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A trademark is one thing. It’s not worth investigating. But two? This latest trademark is now in the sights of PlayStation Home fans. However, unlike the previous trademark, it doesn’t indicate that Sony is doing anything with PlayStation Home. Although it may seem to imply that, that’s not what it does.

Sony has not commented on the trademarks or the speculation that they have created at publication. This is unlikely to change, although we will update the story if it does. You can leave comments or reach me on Twitter @Tyler_Fischer_ to let us know your thoughts. Is it worth bringing back PlayStation Home on PS5?