Microsoft Shows Off the New Windows 11 Snipping Tool

Microsoft Shows Off the New Windows 11 Snipping Tool

Microsoft has posted a trailer to return the snipping tool, showing that Windows 11 is the perfect mixture of the old and, therefore, the new.

As Windows 11’s release date gets closer and closer, you’ll be wondering which Windows features will make the transfer over to the new OS and which can be left within the dust. If you swear by Windows’ clipping tool, there’s good news; it’s returning in Windows 11, and it’s as useful as ever.

The Clipping Tool’s Debut on Windows 11

You can find the proof for yourself on Panos Panay’s Twitter account. Panay is that the Chief Product Officer at Microsoft, and he made a tweet that shows off a trailer for a returning favorite from Windows 10.

The choice of music for the trailer goes during a little too hard for a glorified screenshot tool, but it’s good to ascertain the snipping tool make its return:

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If you haven’t verified the snipping tool before, it’s essentially Microsoft’s built-in screenshot tool that creates it easy to crop and annotate images. Beforehand, you had two choices; press the Print Screen key and paste the result into a picture program, or download a screenshot app for Windows.

The snipping tool may be a nice middle-ground; it doesn’t have the advanced features of programs like ShareX, but it beats scribbling on images in Paint.

Microsoft’s Bid to Make Windows 11 as Comfortable as Possible

Those who have used Microsoft’s operating systems through the years will skills radical each version of Windows can get. Microsoft is keen to combine things up with each iteration of Windows, and it can either go alright or very, very badly.

That’s why Microsoft is making Windows 11 as Windows 10 in disguise. Microsoft has been doing pretty much with Windows 10 thus far, and to throw all that in the trash for Windows 11 looks like a bad idea.

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As such, the corporate seems to be making the Windows 11 experience as on the brink of 10’s as possible. For instance, many special features are sticking around for Windows 11, albeit slightly changed. Now it seems we will add the snipping tool to the list for a neater time taking screenshots on Windows 11.

The Snipping Tool Avoids Getting the Snip

Windows 11 promises a wave of latest changes for long-time users of Microsoft‘s operating systems, but not everything must be re-invented. Fortunately, the handy clipping tool is coming along for the ride, so fans of it needn’t worry.

If you’ve never used the snipping tool before, now’s real-time to find out how. It is a handy feature if you discover yourself on another Windows 10 PC with no fancy screenshotting tools and you would like to snap a picture.

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