Fix Symelam.sys Boot Error With These Solutions

Fix Symelam.sys Boot Error With These Solutions

Here we can see, “Fix Symelam.sys Boot Error With These Solutions”

  • You will inevitably notice Symelam.sys running in your Task Manager if you use Norton Security as your antivirus.
  • Despite being a non-essential driver for Windows 10, Symelam.sys can still malfunction, as we will discuss in the article that follows.

Numerous System Errors can result from problems with Symelam.sys, but we have information on the majority of them on our website.

Let us first define Symelam.sys before providing you with a simple solution to the boot error caused by Symelam.sys

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Driver file data is saved in the Symelam.sys system folder, which is necessary for a crucial Windows procedure. The data needed to complete key activities, such as the initialization of particular Windows programs, is stored in all SYS files.

The SYS files are typically kept in the directory where Windows was installed. It’s crucial to remember that SYS files can be accessed immediately using the customary method of double-clicking the icon.

How can I fix Symelam.sys boot error?

1. Run a malware scan

Malware infestation is one reason symelam.sys boot error could happen. This issue can also be caused by corrupt OS, broken hard drives, damaged hardware, and hardware failure.

However, malware infection is the most frequent cause of this issue; thus you are suggested to search your system for malware in order to resolve it.

Finally, you could be curious about the security of a Symelam.sys file. SYS files are not harmful to your PC because they are integral to the OS and necessary for Windows 10 to function correctly.

2. Update your drivers

Recall that SYS files typically store configuration data pertaining to the operating system. For this reason, the symelam.sys out-of-date drivers may cause sys boot problems. Open Device Manager and manually update the drivers to fix the issue.

Alternatively, you can use third-party applications to scan your system for outdated drivers and update them automatically.


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