Windows 11 Beta released: How to download and update, and why to wait

Windows 11 Beta released: How to download and update, and why to wait

Right up against the weekend here in late July 2021, Microsoft released the primary official Beta for Windows 11. This release is out there to anyone who wishes to hitch the Windows Insiders program, and therefore the software is often found within the Windows Beta Channel right this minute. Because it is with any pre-release software, it’s essential to run this update ONLY on a machine that doesn’t contain any critical data.

Before you go any longer, take “Chat from Microsoft Teams” as an example of a reason why you would possibly not want to run this software on your primary work machine. If you would like access to talk from Microsoft Teams, you’ll be during a bit of a multitude if you are trying to run Windows 11 within the Beta Channel immediately. Per Microsoft, “Insiders within the Beta Channel won’t have Chat from Microsoft Teams.” Microsoft added that they’re going to be “looking to enable this for the Beta Channel within the coming weeks.”

If you’ve only ever used the version of Windows that came together with your PC and haven’t experienced an OS in action before it’s been put through the test ringer, both behind the scenes and with public testing, you would possibly want to consider before downloading Windows 11 now. It’s fun, entertaining, and for a few people, a significant experience, using the most recent version of Windows (with Windows 11) as soon as it’s available.

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But software is, by its nature, almost ready for the general public. It hasn’t been thoroughly tested, top to bottom, to the degree that Microsoft is comfortable releasing it to everyday users, business users, and everybody else they consider a customer. This release is for intrepid users who wish to contribute their time and energy to Microsoft to test Windows 11, with no monetary compensation reciprocally.

On the opposite hand, if you’ve already been using Windows 11 within the Dev Channel, you would possibly now want to modify to the Beta Channel if you’ve enjoyed some “more stabilized builds of Windows 11”. At the same time, Microsoft inches ever closer to the immediate public release of the OS, the Beta Channel is your best bet.

If you’d wish to try the Windows 11 Insider Preview 22000.100, also referred to as the primary Windows 11 Beta within the Beta Channel for Windows Insiders, by all means, drop by and provides it a click. To begin, head to your Windows machine’s Settings – Update & Security – Windows Insider Program. There you’ll find “Pick your Insider settings” and, therefore, the ability to modify to the Beta Channel.

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If you’ve not yet joined the Windows Insider program, you’ll do so through the Register for the Windows Insider Program page at Microsoft’s “Insider” portal. Then, take a peek at the timeline of stories below for more information on what’s coming.