Microsoft Finally Fixes a Nasty Gaming Bug in Windows 10

Microsoft Finally Fixes a Nasty Gaming Bug in Windows 10

The update fixes a drag where Windows 10’s power options and Game Mode did more harm than good.

If you’ve noticed that your Windows 10 gaming machine hasn’t been reaching the framerates that it should recently, Microsoft features a possible solution for you. the corporate just released a patch for Windows 10 that helps improve performance for games running on Microsoft’s OS.

A Possible Fix for Gaming Woes on Windows 10

The Redmond tech giant announced the patch on the Microsoft Support website. The update brings a few new features and fixes, but most vital is that the spot targets a problem that gamers have had with Windows 10 for touch.

As Microsoft explains within the patch notes:

Updates a problem that forestalls power plans and Game Mode from working. This leads to lower frame rates and reduced performance while gaming.

As such, if you’ve had framerate issues when playing games on Windows 10, now would be an incredible time to ascertain if your woes are fixed.

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The update is listed as “optional,” so Windows Update won’t push you to download the update by itself. Instead, it is best to head to Settings > Update & Security > Windows Update, then check under the optional updates section. Search for an update labeled “KB5004296″—that’s the patch you would like.

Of course, this update doesn’t just fix framerate issues with WIndows 10’s power plans and Game Mode. Here are a couple of choice highlights from the update notes:

– Updates a problem that forestalls gaming services from opening certain games for desktop users.

– Updates a problem that plays the sound for choosing something during a game loudly once you press the trigger button on a game controller.

– Updates a problem that fails to detect that you are connected to the web after you hook up with a virtual private network (VPN).

There are tons of handy features for gamers during this patch, so make sure to offer it a download on your Windows gaming PC for a far better time.

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Game On With Windows 10

Windows 10 has had a couple of annoying gaming-related issues for a short time now, but Microsoft has finally pushed out an update. Make sure to offer it a download and see if it fixes all of your woes.

Microsoft has been hard at work making Windows 10 a robust platform for video games. There are many settings and tweaks you’ll make to squeeze all drops of power from your system for an optimum gaming experience.