Players in Fortnite Recreate the Spider-Man Pointing Meme

Players in Fortnite Recreate the Spider-Man Pointing Meme

Fortnite users use Spidey’s Chapter 3 character skin and an Emote to replicate the famous pointing meme from the 1960s Spider-Man cartoon.

Players are reenacting the classic Spidey pointing meme now that Spider-Man is a part of Fortnite. Spider-Man has had plenty of classic moments, as befitting a character who has been a part of pop culture for over 60 years, including one scene from an old 1960s Spider-Man cartoon in which the web-slinging hero faces an imposter who is framing him for robbing an art museum. This results in both the impersonator and the real hero pointing at each other, a sight that has since become a meme whenever two identical items are compared – or someone accuses someone else of something they are guilty of.

The “Pointing Spider-Man” meme has been referenced in Marvel and DC comics over the years. It even got a funny nod in the post-credits scene of the critically acclaimed 2018 animated film Spider-Man: Into The Spiderverse, where Spider-Man 2099 gets into a shouting match with the Spidey from the classic 60’s cartoon from which the meme originated. In appreciation of Spidey finally being introduced to Marvel’s Avengers as a PlayStation-exclusive DLC character last month, developer Crystal Dynamics recently recreated the “Pointing Spider-Man” meme.

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It was only a matter of time after the Webhead arrived in Fortnite a few days ago before players began reenacting Spidey’s famous pointing moment in Epic’s enormously successful multiplayer battle royale. Reddit user ludiqpich198 recently recreated the iconic meme by posting an image of themself and a couple of other Spider-Man players performing a pointing emote on each other to the Fortnite forum (via The Gamer). Some users have suggested that the meme be expanded to include even more Spidey impersonators, which is achievable with Fortnite’s four-player Squads.

The Spiderman meme is real guys from FortNiteBR

With the introduction of Chapter 3’s Battle Pass late last week, Spider-Man became the latest Marvel figure to be offered as a playable Fortnite skin. So far, Fortnite gamers have reacted positively to Spider-web-swinging Man’s features, with some even comparing them to Marvel’s Avengers. Spider-Man may not be the only new Marvel figure heading to The Island, as a recent Easter Egg reveals that the Green Goblin, Spider-archnemesis, Man’s maybe riding his bat-shaped Goblin Glider into Fortnite alongside some more Uncanny X-Men members.

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Fortnite has become a significant part of popular culture over the last few years, with this week’s Fortnite Chapter 3 launch breaking records for the most concurrent players in the game’s history. From dance emojis being reenacted in blockbuster movies to in-game concerts from top-selling musicians like Ariana Grande, Fortnite has become a significant part of popular culture. As a result, it wouldn’t be long until players in Epic’s virtual playground began recreating one of the internet’s most popular memes, especially now that Spidey is part of the game’s ever-growing cast of characters.

Source: ludiqpich198/Reddit (via The Gamer)