Iphone Photos Not Showing Up on Pc

Iphone Photos Not Showing Up on Pc

Here we can see, “Iphone Photos Not Showing Up on Pc”

  • Configuration or permission difficulties may cause the iPhone photo not to appear on the PC issue.
  • This article will assist you in moving Photos from your iPhone to your PC by demonstrating how to resolve this problem.

You can transfer data from your iPhone to your PC if you are out of space. It is all it takes to connect to your Mac or Windows 10 PC and move the photos there. However, occasionally iPhone pictures may stop displaying on a computer.

For various reasons, your PC or Mac can stop detecting the picture. Both weak connections and authorisation problems may be to blame.

Here are a few troubleshooting tips to assist you to end the iPhone photo folder not showing on the PC issue once and for all if you are bothered by this mistake.

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How can I fix the iPhone photos not showing up on Windows and Mac?

1. Perform these common troubleshooting steps

    1. Your Windows computer or Mac. Restart your iPhone as well. Temporary issues with the device can be resolved with a quick restart.
    2. Make sure the iPhone is not locked before connecting. Lock your device, then try attaching it once more.
    3. If the problem continues, try connecting to a different USB port on your PC.

Enable Windows AutoPlay

    1. To open Settings, press Windows key + I.
    2. Select Devices.
    3. Select AutoPlay.
    4. Toggle the switch labelled “Use AutoPlay for all media devices” under AutoPlay to enable it.
    5. Window for settings is closed.
    6. Check for any changes by reconnecting your iPhone.

Toggle the switch to disable it if it’s already on. To turn it on, toggle the switch one more. Reconnect the device after finishing to see if the iPhone pictures appear on your PC.

Under Choose AutoPlay defaults, you may also specify AutoPlay defaults for a portable disk, memory card, and your iPhone.

2. Authorize your computer in iTunes

    1. Open iTunes.
    2. Choose Menu.
    3. Select Account.
    4. A choice of Authorization.
    5. Choose to Allow this computer.
    6. Username and password are required.
    7. Activate File Explorer.
    8. Next, check to see if the photographs are visible by opening the DCIM folder.
    9. If not, try disconnecting and reconnecting the device to see if that solves the problem.

The permission option in iTunes can stop your PC from reading iPhone images. Consider allowing your computer to access the pictures on your PC.

3. Check your iCloud settings

    1. Hit the Settings button on your iPhone.
    2. Go to Camera & Photos.
    3. Click on iPhone Storage Optimization.
    4. Verify that Optimize iPhone Storage is turned on.

In order to save up space on your iPhone storage, the iPhone will automatically upload your full-resolution images to iCloud when the Optimize iPhone Storage option is turned on.

Nevertheless, merely turning off Optimize iPhone Storage does not restore the lost images. You must re-download the photographs using iTunes to your PC because they were uploaded to your iCloud account.

    1. Visit iCloud.com now.
    2. Enter your iCloud account and password to log in.
    3. Select Photos.
    4. You must see every picture from your most recent backup.
    5. Click on Download after selecting all of the desired images.
    6. To avoid receiving a download notification for each image, utilize the “Save setting for all of this kind” option while using the Firefox browser.

4. Use Xilisoft iPhone Photo Transfer

    1. Install Xilisoft iPhone Photo Transfer after downloading it.
    2. Open the iPhone Photo Transfer software from Xilisoft.
    3. Using the USB cord, join your iPhone to your PC.
    4. Hold off till your phone is found.
    5. Open up your iPhone’s left pane.
    6. Select Photos.
    7. In the file explorer of the photo transfer software, you ought to be able to see all of your iPhone’s pictures.

For iOS devices, there is a photo transfer program called Xilisoft iPhone Photo Transfer. You can copy and move your images using the tool from your PC to your iPhone and vice versa.

It also has several extra capabilities that enable file management, photo sharing, and support for numerous devices.

Disable the Optimize iPhone Storage function in the settings if you wish to store all of your images on your iPhone.

Issues with authorisation on iTunes are typically to blame for the iPhone not showing up on PC problem. However, occasionally it can also occur due to improper iCloud configuration.


I hope you found this guide useful. If you’ve got any questions or comments, don’t hesitate to use the shape below.

User Questions

1. Why can’t my PC find the photos on my iPhone?

Turn on iCloud Photos on your iPhone if you shot pictures, but they aren’t appearing there: Select “Settings” > “[Your Name]” Go to iCloud > Select Photos > After that, turn on iCloud Photos. To turn it on, go to Mac: Select iCloud Photos by clicking Photos > Preferences > iCloud.

2. How can I get the photos from my iPhone to appear on my computer?

Go to your computer’s Photos app and open it. All the photographs and movies on your linked device are displayed on an import screen in the Photos app. Click the device’s name in the Photos sidebar to bring up the Import screen if it doesn’t display immediately. Use your passcode to open your iOS or iPadOS device if prompted.

3. Why doesn’t my iPhone appear in file explorer?

You might need to reinstall the Apple USB driver if your iPhone drives don’t appear in Windows File Explorer. Apple USB driver exchanges data between your iOS device and a Windows computer. When you connect your iPhone to a PC for the first time, it usually installs itself immediately.

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