How to: Fix Cbs All Access Not Working on Apple Tv

How to: Fix Cbs All Access Not Working on Apple Tv

Here we can see, “How to: Fix Cbs All Access Not Working on Apple Tv”

  • Most Apple streaming devices are compatible with the CBS All Access app.
  • It only takes a few simple steps to resolve any issues that could arise while viewing CBS All Access on Apple TV.

With support for practically every streaming device, CBS All Access is one of the most widely available streaming services. Smart TVs and Apple media players are not an exception. Generally speaking, we’re talking about Apple’s 3rd or 4th generation products.

It is possible that the image is unavailable or that the streaming buffers, but these issues can be resolved with simple troubleshooting techniques.

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How can I get CBS All Access to work on Apple TV?

1. Update the CBS app

For Apple TV versions prior to the third

    1. Update software by going to Settings > General.
    2. Download and apply any updates you discover.

The fourth-generation Apple TV

    1. Select Software Updates under Settings > System.
    2. Choosing Update Software.
    3. Download and apply any updates you discover.

Turning on the Automatically Update option can also decide whether your device will download all updates automatically.

2. Restart your device

For around 10 seconds, press and hold the Home and Menu buttons simultaneously. The Apple TV box’s light will begin to flash.

Alternatively, go to Settings > System > Restart on your smartphone.

3. Force stop the CBS app

Click on Applications, CBS All Access, and Force Stop after going to Settings.

This should require the app to restart from scratch when it is started again.

4. Clear cached data

You must delete and then reinstall the CBS All Access program on Apple TV to erase cache and data. This will re-install a clean, updated app that ought to function properly, although being more difficult.

Find the app in your apps list, click and hold it till it starts to jiggle, then touch the Play/Pause button and select Delete. Find the app in the Play Store and download it to your device to re-install it.


I hope you found this guide useful. If you’ve got any questions or comments, don’t hesitate to use the shape below.

User Questions

1. Why is CBS All Access not functioning for me?

Examine your browser. It’s conceivable that the web browsers you’re using don’t support CBS All Access, making it impossible to access the service’s content. You can try clearing the data and cache, reloading the page, or restarting the browsers to resolve the CBS All Access streaming issues.

2. Why is CBS unavailable on Apple TV?

You can sign up for premium channels like Showtime, HBO, and Starz directly from the Apple TV app (Apple TV Channels). But at the time, CBS All Access was a conspicuous exclusion from the roster. It is now possible to subscribe to it directly from the app; thus that has changed.

3. Why is CBS All Access having problems?

Although its tenure wasn’t the longest, CBS All-Access won’t be completely gone. Instead, at some point early in the following year, the streaming platform will become a whole new titled service. You won’t have to be concerned about CBS All-Access anymore after 2021. The service will now go by the name Paramount+.

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