iPhone 12 Pro Max Is the Top 5G Phone in the U.S.


Apple’s top-of-the-line iPhone 12 is additionally seemingly America’s top-selling 5G phone.

Apple wasn’t the primary company to release a 5G phone, but, as if often the case for the Cupertino company, its entry into the sector may be the foremost popular.

At least, that’s consistent with new data from Ookla and research firm M Science, shared by PCMag. Their figures suggest that the iPhone 12 Pro Max—Apple’s top-of-the-line iPhone—is the foremost popular 5G iPhone altogether but one among the 50 U.S. states.

Drawing Conclusions on iPhone 12

The report notes that the 2 companies, Ookla and M Science, use different data to draw their conclusions. Ookla analyzes Speedtest app data on customers’ phones, while M Science looks at sales data within us. However, both agree that the iPhone 12 Pro Max is that the top-selling 5G phone in 49 states.

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They also say that another iPhone 12 model is that the second hottest, although they disagree over whether this is often the iPhone 12 or the iPhone 12 Pro. (Apple, although it’s unlikely to release the particular figures any time soon, can hardly be unhappy with either suggestion—given that it means Apple dominates the highest two spots.)

They also agree that the iPhone 12 mini is that the least popular of Apple’s collection of latest iPhones. that’s not a very big surprise and confirms previous reports. as an example, a report on Christmas smartphone activations noted that 9 out of the highest 10 phones activated on Christmas were iPhones. The iPhone 12 mini was the sole one among Apple’s latest generation of iPhones to not make the cut.

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Yet another report recently suggested that Apple has reduced iPhone 12 mini orders, and will even stop making them early this year, having enough in inventory to supply whoever wants one.

The only serious competitor to Apple when it involves 5G sales (albeit not close enough to challenge for the highest spots) is reportedly Samsung. Its Samsung’s S20 and Note 20 lines followed on after Apple’s smartphones within the listings.

Driving Apple’s Record Earnings

Apple does not give exact sales figures for the iPhone, likely reflecting the very fact that sales are not any longer soaring permanently upwards in quite the way that they were a couple of years ago. Nonetheless, the iPhone remains a huge hit for Apple. The success of the iPhone 12 series drove Apple to a record $111 billion quarter, as reported last month.

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iPhone revenue for the three months leading up to the vacations stood at $65.60 billion. That’s a tremendous increase of 17% year-over-year. It now seems we all know which individual model to praise for that as well!