Skyrim Game Crashes When Loading Save

Skyrim Game Crashes When Loading Save

Here we can see “Skyrim Game Crashes When Loading Save”

Loading Autosaves Or Quicksaves

Autosaves and quicksaves in Bethesda games are notoriously unstable. These save store information in a less stable way than good saves, leading to crashing if the quicksave or autosave in question is large.

Fixing Save Crashes

To remedy this, you’ll either force autosaves to use less frequently or disable them altogether. If you select the latter, install an autosave mod to form saves for you. It seems redundant, but autosave systems from mods are nearly always more stable than Bethesda’s autosaves.

What Is This (Skyrim game crashes when loading save)?

If you play Skyrim with many mods, you almost certainly experience regular crashing when loading a save game from the most menu. Originally the only ways to urge around this reliably were the following methods:

  • Open the console and enter the command “coc qasmoke” to maneuver into the qasmoke cell and manually load a save game there.
  • Keep around a save game that has been saved at a “safe” location that you load first, then manually load your required save game after the safe one has been loaded.
  • Use an alternate start mod to start a replacement game quickly, then load a save game after the new game has started.
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Those methods are rather cumbersome and time-consuming when all you would like to try to do is jump back to the last point you saved your game at. This mod makes some tweaks so that once you click on CONTINUE or LOAD within the main menu, it’ll load your save game in an alternate manner that ought to prevent crashing when loading save games without the complexity of these other methods.

This mod isn’t bound to work 100% of the time because it is trying to figure around bugs in Skyrim. If this doesn’t work for you, then there are likely other mods causing problems that you will get to take a while to diagnose. Also, it isn’t easy to form this work for each computer with every possible combination of mods.

If you do not experience crashing when loading saves games, there’s no reason to put in this mod because it will simply waste a squeeze your load order. I highly recommend you try using Crash Fixes before using this mod because it contains various fixes to stop crashing that this mod doesn’t use a workaround. You’ll also want to follow the steadiness Performance Optimization ENB Configuration guide to undertake and resolve any stability issues you’ll have. This mod should only be used when all other options are exhausted.

Skyrim Crash on Save and CTD on Save: Fixed Completely

Saving is among the main important features that an individual can utilize in Single Player games, and it’s as necessary as anything. However, quite recently, users are reporting that their game is crashing once they save. Unfortunately, this “Skyrim Crash on Save” issue is common. During this article, we’ll discuss a number of the explanations thanks to which this might happen and provide easy solutions to eliminate this issue.

What Causes the Skyrim game crashes when loading save?

After a radical investigation, we concluded that the error is triggered mostly thanks to the following reasons:

  • Strings: Skyrim is legendary primarily thanks to its vast modding community. This comes, unfortunately, with a terrible curse of giant string count that limits the functionality of the sport. If you’ve got tons of mods running, the error could be triggered.
  • Glitched Save: The technical support for Skyrim is usually from the unofficial modding community, and therefore the Game developers don’t release many updates. This is often why the saving feature seems to urge glitched for several people, and it can’t be loaded manually. This seems to be a side-effect of immense modding, and it also indicates the shortage of official support for the game.

Once again, we’ve only narrowed right down to these two reasons because they’re the explanation for the matter for the bulk of individuals.


  1. Organize your mods and configure their load orders
  2. Make sure that the system isn’t being choked thanks to low resources.
  3. Remove some recently installed mods and check if it helps.
  4.  Make sure that your simple r hardware can support the number of mods that you are running.

Skyrim Game Crashes when Loading Save

If you’re having crashes when playing Skyrim, it may be because of a corrupted save. If this is the case, you can fix them by following these steps:
1. Open up your Skyrim launcher and click on the “Data” tab.
2. Scroll down until you find “My Games” and select it.
3. Copy the contents of “My Games\Skyrim” into another folder (for example, “C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\skyrim”) and then launch Skyrim again.
4. Save your game in a new location (for example, “C:\Users\\.SKYRIM”) and then load it up again.

How to Fix Skyrim Game Crashes.

If you’re having problems with your Skyrim game crashing, it may be because you’re using a different version of the game. To try out a different version, follow these steps:

Open Skyrim and click on the 3 lines in the top left corner of the window. This will take you to the main menu. Choose “Settings” from the list of options. Under “Game Data,” select “Data Files (x86).” Click on the link for the file that corresponds to your version of Skyrim.

Use a Troubleshooting Guide

If you still can’t seem to fix your crashes, you may want to check out our troubleshooting guide. In it, we’ll explain some common issues that can cause crashes in Skyrim. We hope this guide helps!

Reset Your Game Data

If resetting your game data doesn’t work or if your crashes continue, you might need to reset your PC too. Follow these steps:

1) Boot up your computer and log into it using its password (or another account-friendly login).

2) Head to C:\Users\YourName\AppData\Roaming\.Skyrim\.exe and delete all files that belong to skyrim_loader\\data\bak\\data-windows-64bit\\skyrim\*.exe and skyrim_loader\\data\packed\\file1\.exe . This should clean everything up and restart your computer properly.

3) Launch skyrim from within Windows by typing “skyrim” at the command prompt or by hitting “Enter” after clicking on “Start”. When skyrim begins up, it should update automatically and all of its data should be backed up properly. If not, please visit our support page for more help!

Solution 1: Loading Old Save Game in Skyrim

What always seems to figure for the users is only to load an older save game. You can’t get a corrupted save game back, and therefore the progress stored therein savegame has been lost. In most cases, loading an older save game fixes the difficulty, and therefore the game starts to figure properly. We recommend that in gameplay, always remember to perform a quicksave every now then.

Also, we strongly suggest that you create a replacement savegame through the Pause Menu as soon as you get an opportunity.

Solution 2: Using Player Kill Command

What seems to be a standard workaround for this predicament, players use the self kill command to trigger an auto-reload which seems to load the sport up just fine. Below, we’ve listed the tactic to trigger an auto-reload.

1. Press the “~” key below the “Esc” button on the keyboard

  • Type within the following command and press “Enter” to execute it.

Wait for the sport to be load and check to ascertain if the difficulty persists.

Common Workaround:

It would help if you also tried to:

  1. Load the sport that had the crashing bug in it.
  2. Use the “Player.kill” command as instructed above.
  3. Try to save and check if it works.

Solution 3: Tweaking “Skyrim.ini” File

As we know, the Skyrim.ini file stores the virtual user configurations, and that we can tweak it to form the sport run better. So we’ve done exactly that, and that we also will be showing you the tactic to try to do it.

1. Navigate to the folder where the “Skyrim.ini” file is being stored

2. Edit it and alter the precise code in it to the subsequent configurations

iMinMemoryPageSize = 1024
iMaxMemoryPageSize = 3072

This can even be achieved through the console, but this method is far easier.


Skyrim Game Crashes can be caused by a variety of factors, such as a problem with your graphics card or processor, and is usually fixable with a few simple steps. By using a troubleshooting guide and resetting your game data, you can try to fix the issue and hopefully return your game to normal. If you still cannot solve the crash, please check out our other topics for more help. Thanks for reading!

User Questions:

1. Skyrim Crashes Upon Loading Saved Games

Yesterday, I attempted downloading a replacement blood texture mod for Skyrim, and once I visited load one among my saved games, the sport began to load (sent me to the screen with the moving mist), but after a couple of seconds, it crashed to desktop. It’s done this with every saved game I even have. Still, two interesting things are happening: 1) It doesn’t cause the initial saved game to crash (the one Skyrim creates as you’re close to creating your character), and it’ll let me start new games, and 2) the last save file I created will attend the loading screen with the mist, but no object or lore ever crop up. No other file does that. I’m unsure if it’s relevant, but I figured I might mention that tiny detail, just just in case.

2. Skyrim Crashes once I load a saved game!?

So I have never touched Skyrim in over a year, and once I did, I had plenty of mods in.

Now I got a fresh installed Skyrim, no mods, all the DLC’s and some problems…

Whenever I plan to load one among my recent saved games, it gives me the warning “Some stuff might not work… ect” then it goes to the loading screen for maybe 2 seconds and crashes. However, if I start a replacement game or attempt to load a reaaaaally old save file (one that never had mods), it works fine.

I tried messing with the load order, save cleanups, plugin management; always an equivalent result.

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3. Skyrim crashes when loading any save. Details inside.

Skyrim crashes when loading any save. Details inside. from skyrimmods