Instagram’s latest live streaming feature ensures viewers show up

Instagram’s latest live streaming feature ensures viewers show up

Instagram is improving its live-streaming technology for producers and anyone who wishes to present their work to an audience in real-time. The company has unveiled a new feature called Live Scheduling, which is, as the name implies, a new scheduling tool for pre-planning a live broadcast. It will, among other things, guarantee that viewers know when to tune in.

Instagram’s official Twitter account revealed the new Live Scheduling function. Simply put, this new tool allows users to plan their live streams up to 90 days in advance, and followers can then create reminders to be notified when the live broadcast is available.

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The tool is straightforward and assists customers incorrectly setting up their broadcasts before going live. Creators create a title, choose a start time, and hit “schedule live video” to use the Live Scheduling function. Meanwhile, followers will see a different prompt.

The title of the future broadcast and the date and hour will be displayed on Instagram. If the user selects “Remind me,” Instagram will give them an in-app reminder the day before the live stream, as well as 15 minutes before it begins on the premiere day.

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In addition to the Live Scheduling tool, Instagram is planning to introduce a new Practice Mode, which will allow creators to join their live streams before they begin to see how they appear to their followers. This can be used, for example, to ensure that their lighting setup is proper before they begin.

Source: slashgear