In a leaked advertisement, the Galaxy S22 Ultra shows off its cameras

In a leaked advertisement, the Galaxy S22 Ultra shows off its cameras

We’ve seen the Galaxy S22 Ultra at the focus of multiple leaks this year. Most of these leaks featured third-party renders or even fake devices that could represent the final product, but we have yet to see the Galaxy S22 Ultra in person. According to a leaked promotional poster showing the Galaxy S22 Ultra and what appears to be the S22 Plus from the back, that all changes today.

Everyone is given an S Pen

Let’s Go Digital, which has been the source of several Galaxy S22 Ultra leaks up to this time, provided the leaked poster. Let’s Go Digital says it got the poster from an unknown source, and while it couldn’t go into detail about where it came from, it can confirm that it’s an official marketing image.

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Assuming that this poster is legitimate and correct, it confirms several key details concerning the S22 Ultra. First and foremost, it appears to indicate that an S Pen will be included as a regular in-box accessory with the Galaxy S22 Ultra. Even while the S Pen housing on the bottom of the phone isn’t visible in the poster, Let’s Go Digital maintains it’s there, and the S Pen is pictured on marketing for the S22 Ultra suggests it is.

What will happen to the Galaxy Note if the S Pen becomes standard on high-end Galaxy S devices? While prior Galaxy S phones supported the S Pen, they didn’t come with it, allowing the Galaxy Note to take its place. Will the Galaxy Note be squeezed out of its niche now that it may be included as an in-box accessory with the Galaxy S22 Ultra?

There’s a lot of talk about cameras these days

Another noteworthy detail revealed by this poster is the S22 Ultra and S22 Plus’s back camera array. The S22 Ultra previously appeared to have a higher camera housing in renders and dummy devices, but we don’t see it in this poster. Instead, there’s no noticeable camera array bulge – while the individual camera lenses appear to protrude slightly from the phone’s body, it’s not noticeable.

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Whether we’re talking about the S22 Ultra or the S22 Plus, this appears to be the case. According to rumours, the Galaxy S22 Plus, like the Galaxy S22, will include a triple-camera arrangement with a 50MP wide-angle main lens, a 12MP ultra-wide camera, and a 12MP zoom camera – pretty normal stuff for flagship phones. The S22 Ultra, on the other hand, will include a 108MP main camera, a 12MP ultra-wide camera, and two 10MP sensors for optical zoom.

While this appears to be a Samsung poster, it’s vital to regard this as a rumour until confirmation from the corporation. Let’s Go Digital has an excellent track record with leaks and rumours, but the phones seen on this poster may not be the phones that will be released in a few months. In February, Samsung is anticipated to introduce the Galaxy S22 Ultra and the rest of the Galaxy S22 lineup, so we’ll know soon enough.

Source: letsgodigital