How to Stop Siri from Popping Up on Your Apple Watch


Siri can be helpful, but if you’ve got an Apple Watch, the digital assistant can inadvertently pop up, particularly when exercising. Here is the way to prevent Siri from appearing in your watch.

Why Your Apple Watch Activates Siri

About the Apple Watch, by default, you can trigger Siri in three manners:

  • Press and hold down the Digital Crown.
  • Harness the screen, or flip your wrist, wake up your Apple Watch and say, “Hey Siri.”
  • Increase your watch to close your mouth and begin talking (using an Apple Watch Series 3 or newer)

Regrettably, between the three distinct manners (four if you put in the Siri complication for a watch face), I activate Siri more frequently than I would suggest. I inadvertently hold the Digital Crown down pretty much whenever I do a push-up, bench press, or burpee, and Siri often starts speaking to me when I am drinking, drinking, or simply banging my head in my hands. If you have the same type of issues, here is how to change if Siri activates–or flip it off completely.

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How To Hide Siri on Your Apple Watch

In your watch, visit Settings > Siri. Beneath “Ask Siri,” you will find three toggles:

  • “Listen for ‘Hey Siri'”
  • “Boost to Talk”
  • “Press Digital Crown”

If you would like to flip Siri off completely, then toggle off all three and tap “Switch Off Siri.” Otherwise, switch off the causes you do not want. I left “Song for’Hey Siri'” but turned off another two which I kept tripping by mistake.