How to See How Much RAM Is in Your Chromebook


RAM is important if it comes to how well your pc operates. Chromebooks need less RAM than other computers running Windows 10 or macOS. Nevertheless, you may feel as if you want more. We are going to demonstrate the way you can learn how much RAM your Chromebook has.

If you know which Chromebook version you have, it is possible to do a quick look for this on Google to locate its specifications. But, there is a much simpler way–in reality, you will find just two.

About System Page

The primary procedure does not require any extra extensions or apps. In your Chromebook, open your Chrome browser and type “chrome:/system” from the address bar.

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This may start the built-in Chrome OS “About System” page. There is a good deal of advice here, but we are only interested in 1 thing.

To view how much RAM you have, search for the “memento” entrance, then click “Expand” alongside it.


You will see “MemTotal” and “MemAvailable” at the very top of the enlarged information panel. The amounts have been in kilobytes (KB), which you can (approximately ) interpret to gigabytes (GB) by placing a decimal after the initial payment. By way of instance, my Chromebook has 3,938,392 KB of RAM, which is about 3.9 GB.

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Cog — System Info Viewer

The second method takes a highly rated Chrome internet app. It’s a cleaner interface, and also the data is simpler to comprehend.

To use this approach, start the Chrome Web Shop in your Chromebook, then click”Add to Chrome” alongside the “Cog — System Info Viewer.”


Once you download the program, start the program drawer and start it.


The program will open and display details regarding your Chromebook. From the “Memory” section, you will observe that the RAM recorded in gigabytes.


That is it! The second solution is far simpler. But, you may also use both of these approaches to viewing different details, such as the CPU, which version of Chrome you are running, and far more!

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