How to Close All Google Chrome Windows at Once


While surfing the net with Google Chrome, then it’s easy to get carried away and start heaps of windows full of countless tabs. Fortunately, it’s simple to shut multiple Chrome windows simultaneously on Windows, Linux, and Mac. Here is how.

To shut all your Chrome windows immediately on Windows or Linux, click on the vertical ellipses button (three dots) and choose “Exit.”

It is also possible to press Alt-F after which X in your computer.


On a Mac, it is possible to close all your Chrome windows simultaneously by clicking on the “Chrome” menu from the menu bar near the peak of the display and choosing “Quit Google Chrome.

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You could also press Command+Q on your computer.


With Chrome to the Mac, if you’ve “Warn Before Quitting” switched on, then you will see a message which states “Hold Command+Q to Quit” if you press Command+Q.

Therefore, you will want to hold down Command+Q for a minute for your stopping process to happen.

(Curiously, Chrome stops immediately with no warning should you press Command+Q while all your browser windows have been minimized to the Dock.)


Then, all of your Chrome browser windows will shut immediately.

If you have to get your windows back, then you will locate them listed on your Background if you restart Chrome–unless you’ve configured Chrome to wipe its Background upon closing or empowered permanent Incognito mode. Happy Browsing!

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