How to Create an Icon in Windows 10

How to Create an Icon in Windows 10

Here we can see, “How to Create an Icon in Windows 10”

  • An excellent approach to personalise Windows 10 is to add your own distinctive icon designs to the desktop.
  • This article offers instructions for using Paint 3D to create your own desktop icons.

On its desktop, Windows 10 shows shortcuts with icons, which is a significant component of the platform’s themes.

Customizing desktop icons is an effective method to give Windows a little facelift. You can design your own unique desktop shortcut icons.

You only need one art (or graphic design) program to create your own icons.

The Paint and Paint 3D design programs are part of Windows 10. With either programme, new icons can be configured. But Paint 3D is a more complete product because it lets users embellish their icons with 3D shapes and stickers.

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How to make a custom icon in Windows 10?

1. Use Adobe Illustrator

    1. Install Adobe Illustrator after downloading it.
    2. Select New from the File menu.
    3. Set the width and height to 256 pixels and the unit to pixels. Select Create.
    4. Use the tools at your disposal to create your icon.
    5. When finished, expand the Export section under File. A screen export option is selected.
    6. Click the gear icon, select PNG as the format, and then.
    7. Transparent as the new background color. Select Save changes.
    8. Click on Export Artboard in the Export section after choosing your save location.

2. Create an icon with Paint 3D

Set up the canvas

    1. Click the Start button first.
    2. On the Start menu’s software index, select Paint 3D.
    3. Using Paint 3D, select New.
    4. To view the options displayed immediately below, select Canvas.
    5. The canvas will be resized to 32 × 32 when you enter 32 in both the Width and Height boxes.
    6. Roll the mouse wheel to enlarge and zoom in on the canvas.
    7. Switch on the Transparent canvas setting.

Design the icon

    1. By choosing Brushes, you can draw on the icon’s canvas. You must choose between Marker and Pixel Pen at a weighting of 1 px.
    2. Pick the 2D forms option to add lines and two-dimensional shapes: the opportunity to choose a line, curve, or condition.
    3. There are numerous choices for including three-dimensional models and shapes in your icon in the 3D shapes tab in Paint 3D. For that tab to open, click 3D shapes.
    4. Choose a 3D model or item from the sidebar. Holding down the left mouse button while dragging the cursor to the right will cause the selected shape to expand to fill the canvas of your icon.
    5. To access the shape’s rotation options, as shown in the image right below, click the shape on the canvas.

Customize your icon with stickers

    1. Additionally, Paint 3D comes with a modest selection of stickers that can be used as icons. On the Stickers tab, click.
    2. The icon should have a sticker on it.
    3. To add the chosen sticker, click outside the icon’s canvas area on the window’s left side.
    4. To make the image smaller so that it fits within the canvas, left-click the sticker’s upper right corner and drag the mouse to the left.
    5. Drag the chosen image into the canvas while continuing to hold down the mouse button.
    6. To use the 3D effect, click the Make 3D button. The sticker can be rotated similarly to 3D shapes.
    7. You can choose downloadable clip art for your icons by clicking Custom stickers > Add stickers.

Customize your icon with 3D objects

    1. You may also add 3D images to your icon sets with Paint 3D. To view the many image categories, click 3D library.
    2. To add a picture to your canvas, click on it.
    3. To fit the chosen image into the icon’s canvas, you’ll probably need to reduce its size substantially. Click an image’s top right corner, hold down the left mouse button, then drag the pointer left to reduce the size of the image.

Save the icon design as an image

    1. Click Menu > Save As > Image after your icon design is complete.
    2. If you included a 3D model in your icon, a preview of the image will appear as seen in the image directly below. On the Save as type menu, choose PNG.
    3. Select “Save” from the menu.
    4. Choose a folder in which to save the PNG file.
    5. Choose the 2D – PNG file type.
    6. After giving the picture a title, select Save.

3. How do I convert a JPEG to an icon in Windows 10?

    1. You may convert PNG, JPEG, and JPG files into icons on the Online-Convert website. So, launch the Online image converter page of that website in a browser.
    2. To choose the icon PNG you created in Paint 3D, click Choose files.
    3. Hit the conversion-start button.
    4. Click the Download button after that.

4. How to add new icons to the desktop

    1. Your new icon can now be added to the Windows 10 desktop. Right-click a shortcut icon on the desktop and choose Properties to do this.
    2. The Customize tab will appear on the newly opened window.
    3. Activate the Change Icon button.
    4. On the Change Icon window, click the Browse button.
    5. Then, choose your ICO file in the folder where it is downloaded.
    6. Select Open from the menu.
    7. On the Change Icon window, click OK.
    8. Select the Apply option to finish.
    9. To close the window, click OK.
    10. Your customized version has now replaced the default icon on the desktop. The below image shows a heart icon that was created with Paint 3D.


I hope you found this guide useful. If you’ve got any questions or comments, don’t hesitate to use the shape below.

User Questions

1. In Windows 10, how can I make a customized icon?

Select Desktop icon settings on the right side of the window by going to Settings > Personalization > Themes. You can switch between the icons for This PC, your user folder, Network, Control Panel, and the Recycle Bin in the new window that will open as a result of this action. If you’d like, you may even modify the shortcuts’ icons while you’re here.

2. How do I create my own computer icons?

You can find this window in Windows 10 by going to Settings > Personalization > Themes > Desktop Icon Settings. It’s Control Panel > Personalize > Change Desktop Icons in Windows 8 and 10. Choose the icons you wish to see on your desktop by using the checkboxes in the “Desktop icons” section.

3. How can I make.ICO files?

Therefore, producing the ICO file is simple once you create or import a suitable image into Paint and set it to the appropriate proportions. Choose JPEG Picture from the list of available file formats that appears after selecting Save As from the Paint menu. After that, save the file with a filename ending in.ico.

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