How to: Fix Canon Printer Error 5b00

How to: Fix Canon Printer Error 5b00

Here we can see, “How to: Fix Canon Printer Error 5b00”

  • The 5b00 error usually indicates that a user cannot print due to incorrect ink cartridge usage.
  • If you get the Canon printer error 5b00, follow the steps below to reset the waste ink counter.
  • You can also clean the waste ink pad manually by following the instructions in our guide.
  • Check the system’s ink level and continue reading for more possible solutions.

The error number 5b00 is a relatively prevalent issue that occurs regularly on Canon printers. You’ll notice that the printer boots normally when you switch it on and try to print a document.

Printing or scanning a document, on the other hand, is no longer possible. The bulb begins to flash green and orange several times in a row; however, you may rest assured that this article will assist you.

We’ve included some of the finest feasible solutions to the problem in the section below. Just make sure you follow them exactly to avoid any complications.

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What should I do if the Canon printer error 5b00 occurs?

1. Restart the ink waste counter

  1. To begin, disconnect the printer’s power and USB cords.
  2. Press the Power button while opening the cartridge door.
  3. While inserting the power cord into the wall socket, continue to hold the Power button.
  4. Hold the Power button down until the printer begins to reset itself.
  5. You may turn it off once all of the lights are turned on.
  6. Wait until the green power light goes out.
  7. Then swiftly press and release the Power button two times.
  8. The green light should continue to flash for a few more seconds before stabilizing.
  9. Close the cartridge door and attempt printing again if necessary.

Ink spills on your printer are a common cause of the 5b00 problem in Windows 10. Reset the ink absorber if the ink absorber is full or the waste ink counter is full.

This easy fix can actually be used to clean up various error codes that may display while turning on the printer.

2. Clean the spent ink pad by hand

  1. Remove the ink cartridges from the container. Depending on the model, this container may be located at the front or back of the Canon printer.
  2. Allow the ink cartridges to shift all the way over before proceeding.
  3. Disconnect the printer’s power cord next.
  4. A row of white rollers runs behind the cartridge. Look for a bit of square that looks like a foam pad near the roller.
  5. By carefully pushing on the waste ink absorber’s rubber frame, you can remove it.
  6. Using a paper towel, clean it. Collect all ink waste on paper towel pieces as much as possible.
  7. Replace all of the cartridges in their proper locations.
  8. In the printer, reinstall the frame.
  9. You can now reconnect the power cord by pressing and holding the Power button.
  10. Release the button once the printer has turned on.
  11. Wait five seconds before pressing the Power button once more. The printer’s internal memory is reset, and the 5b00 error code is overridden.

If the problem persists, you can try the procedures listed above to resolve it. The printer will provide you with an error message similar to yours when these waste ink pads become saturated. Do not be alarmed; a manual clean typically works wonders.

3. Alternative solutions

A dirty print head can frequently cause this issue. Make sure your print head is in good working order and that it is also clean.

Check the system’s ink level as well. You have no choice but to fill it to the maximum capacity if the ink level is low.

Reset your printer to factory settings to continue the troubleshooting process.


I hope you found this guide useful. If you’ve got any questions or comments, don’t hesitate to use the shape below.

User Questions:

1. How can I resolve a Canon printer issue?

Turn off the printer and camera, then turn them back on. If the error message persists, seek assistance from a Canon Customer Support centre. Cover the cartridge with the cover. Turn the power off and on again if the problem notice persists.

2. On a Canon printer, what does 5b00 mean?

The 5b00 error usually indicates that a user is unable to print owing to incorrect ink cartridge usage.

3. On a Canon printer, where is the waste ink absorber?

2 The waste ink absorbers should be found in their black rubber frame. They’ll most likely be on the right side of your printer, underneath the place where the ink cartridges sit when the printer is turned off.

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