How to: Fix Canon B200 Error on All Printer Models

How to: Fix Canon B200 Error on All Printer Models

Here we can see, “How to: Fix Canon B200 Error on All Printer Models”

  • Problematic cartridges are the most common cause of the Canon B200 error. As a result, one apparent answer is to replace them.
  • However, printhead difficulties can also cause Canon printer error B200; thus this does not always guarantee a solution.
  • You can always try cleaning your printhead or moving it around to see if the Canon error B200 goes away.
  • Unplugging or turning off your printer is also a quick cure for the Canon B200 issue. Make sure there are no paper jams!

Printing documents on Windows 10 is simple; however printer issues might occur.

Many people have mentioned that their printers are giving them the Canon B200 problem, so let’s see what we can do about it. The step-by-step instructions can be found below.

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How do I get rid of Canon error B200?

1. Replace the cartridges that aren’t working

Problematic cartridges are the most common cause of Error B200, and one of the most straightforward solutions is to replace them with appropriate ones.

Check your printer handbook for specific information on how to change the cartridge, and be sure you select a suitable one.

2. Take out your printhead and clean it

According to users, error B200 might be caused by printhead issues, and one thing you can try is to remove and clean your printhead.

We strongly advise you to consult your printer manual for complete instructions on removing your printhead.

When you’ve finished cleaning your printhead, ensure sure it’s scorched before reinstalling it in your printer.

As several users have suggested, you might also try cleaning printhead connectors with cue tips and alcohol.

Make sure your printer’s connectors are totally dry before turning it on.

Users have also suggested pressing the power button quickly to initiate the printer’s reboot mode, so you might want to try that.

3. Replace the printhead

Reseating your printhead is one approach to fix the B200 issue. After reseating the printhead, please turn off your printer and leave it off for a few minutes.

After that, restart your printer to see if the issue has been repaired.

4. Look for any impediments

Obstacles in your printer could cause this problem.

Turn off your printer, remove the paper, and inspect for any obstructions to resolve this issue.

If any obstacles are discovered, remove them and re-start the printer.

5. Close the print cover and turn off the printer

This is a unique technique, but it appears to work for some users. You must first switch off your printer.

After that, re-start the printer by opening the print cover. The cartridges will begin to move to the left.

Close the printer cover and leave the printer switched on before the cartridges reach the left side.

Close the print cover after the cartridges have passed halfway to the left side.

After that, the printer will resume regular operation. This method may be a little difficult to execute, but after a few tries, you should be able to achieve it.

6. Replace the tank holder with a new one

You may be able to solve the problem by just replacing the tank holder. Simply replace your current tank holder with a new one.

Check the instruction handbook for specific instructions before changing the tank holder.

7. Press the Power and Copy buttons at the same time

A few people have noticed that tapping the Power and Copy buttons simultaneously a few times fixes the problem.

The printer should start after that, and all you have to do now is complete a nozzle check, deep cleaning, and printer alignment.

These actions aren’t required, but they’re available if you wish to take them.

8. Disconnect your printer from the power source

Several people stated that merely unplugging their printer solved the problem.

This may or may not work for everyone, but it never hurts to try.

How to Fix Canon MX850 Error B200

If you’re having trouble with this error code on this printer model, here’s how to solve it.

1. Shift the printhead to the right

Users claim that simply moving the printhead to the left will solve the problem.

Users said that they manually shifted the printhead to the left and then repeatedly pressed the power button until the printer resumed working.

We don’t know if this approach works, but it’s worth a shot; just be cautious.

2. Continue to press the On and Home keys

Users reported that pushing the ON and HOME buttons on the MX850 printer fixed the B200 problem.

The printer started operating again after around 10 times pressing the buttons.

3. Turn your printer off and try to print again

A few users claimed that turning off the printer and trying to print again fixed the problem.

When you try to print, you’ll get a notice saying your printer is down and asking if you want to try again.

Press Resume then switches on your printer to begin printing. We’re not sure if this is a long-term solution, but it’s worth a shot.


I hope you found this guide useful. If you’ve got any questions or comments, don’t hesitate to use the shape below.

User Questions:

1. How do I get rid of the B200 error code on my Canon printer?

  1. Reset the printer’s settings.
  2. Remove any impediments.
  3. Remove the printer head and clean it.
  4. Clean the print head by hand.
  5. Get rid of any old ink.
  6. Reinstall the printer drivers if necessary.
  7. Replace the ink cartridge.
  8. If none of the solutions above work, the B200 error is most likely correct.

2. What does the Canon mx922 error code B200 mean?

If you use your printer after a long period of time, the cartridge holes will have dried up, resulting in the same Canon printer error code b200. Overheating of the print head (blocking the connection):- It happens when you print too many pages from the Canon Pixma mx922 printer at the same time, as you can see.

3. Why is my Canon printer constantly reporting an error?

Canon printers generate error codes for a variety of reasons: Your printer’s settings may not be compatible with the document you’re attempting to print. It’s possible that the loading bay for your paper has been clogged with paper, or that you’re using the incorrect type of paper.

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