How to Change Your Name on Facebook


Facebook has its policies concerning names that aren’t too strict. You can use your name in addition to your nickname, and you could also change your name if you would like to alter it for any purpose.

There are a lot of reasons you might choose to modify your title on Facebook. Perhaps you’re using your nickname and want to use your actual name.

Whatever the reason, you can change your name on Facebook, just follow some rules:

  • Utilize Your Daily name, and You May Also use your nickname.
  • You may not utilize any name. Facebook does not allow pseudonyms titles;
  • You aren’t permitted to work with symbols, figures, particular figures, punctuation marks, obscene words, phrases, and names of any type.

If you follow all of the principles, Facebook name change coverage is straightforward. But you can’t alter a title frequently rather than right once you’ve changed it. So change the name to something that you can live with for at least 60 days. In the event you’re planning to modify the Facebook page/business title, there are a few additional rules you might have to review.

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How to Change Facebook Name

  1. Proceed to the Facebook homepage and then log in to a FB accounts with your username and password.
  2. Then browse to placing; click on the icon at the top-right corner of this Facebook page. You will see that the dropdown menu, from there click Settings;
  3. You may hit the General Account Settings, click on the General choice on the left side;
  4. You can now observe the window of the placing like username, name. Here you can alter your FB title;
  5. Click on the blue Edit icon at the top-right corner next to a title; this will open the most crucial name configurations. Here you can change your first name, last name, and name. Edit the label that you need to modify into. There’s also an alternative for another title, just in case you want to include another variant of your title;
  6. Following that, it is possible to directly click the username under the title column to modify your FB username. Change or compose your name;
  7. If you’re happy with your titles, preview, put in your password, and then click on save changes.
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Your name will appear soon after; nonetheless, it may take around 24 hours until you find the most recent changes in impact.

How Can I Change My Facebook Name on My Phone

To alter your FB name onto your telephone:

  1. Hopefully, you’ve got the Facebook program downloaded onto your mobile cell phone. Otherwise, go to the App Store on iPhone and onto google play shop on Android, hunt the Facebook program, and install it.
  2. Open your FB program and log into your accounts;
  3. Just click the three lines at the bottom-right side-by-side iPhone and the top-right side ;
  4. Scroll down till you get to the accounts setting. Proceed into Account setting, click General, and from there tap name;
  5. Now You’ve arrived in the Place Where You Can change your title, username, or insert the username;
  6. Once you edit the title, click inspection changes. If you’re happy with everything you find in the trailer, put in your password, and then save changes.
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Why I Can Not Change My Name On Facebook?

When for any reason You’re Not Able to change your title, you have these issues:

  • You may change your title on Facebook every 60 days. In the event you change your title a lot, the waiting period could eventually become 120 days. Perhaps you recently changed your title; also, if that’s the situation, then you’ve got to wait 60 days until you adjust your title.
  • There are a few criteria you need to stick to when altering your title on Facebook. Ensure that to adhere to all name modification rules mentioned previously and try again.