How to Block Someone on Facebook


Blocking somebody on Facebook is a means to safeguard yourself from toxic people, harassment, or even individuals with whom you don’t need to convey. Inside this guide, we show you just the best way to block somebody having Facebook in the background and the Facebook cellular program for iOS and Android.

How to Block Someone on Facebook (Desktop)

It’s simple to block somebody using Facebook onto a Windows, Mac, or Linux desktop computer.

  1. Proceed into in an Internet browser.
  2. Choose the Account icon (down arrow).
  3. Select Settings and Privacy.
  4. Select Settings.
  5. In the left menu, select Publish.
  6. From the Block Users box, then enter the title of the man or webpage that you would like to obstruct, then choose Block.
  7. From the Block People listing, pick the particular individual or web page you would like to block and then choose Block.
  8. A confirmation box appears, describing the consequences of obstructing someone. To proceed, choose Block [title ].
  9. You obstructed the consumer on Facebook, along with their title appears in your Block users record.
  10. In the event you change your mind, pick Unblock > Support to unblock the particular user. You will want to send a different buddy petition to reinstate contact.
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How to Block Someone on Facebook App

Additionally, it is feasible to obstruct somebody utilizing the Facebook iOS or even Android mobile program.

  1. Open and log into the Facebook mobile program.
  2. Proceed to the profile of the individual who that you need to block.
  3. Harness More (three dots) below and on the right of the individual’s name.
  4. Harness Block.
  5. From the verification pop-up, then tap Block back again.
  6. Alternately, tap the Facebook icon at the menu, then tap Preferences > Publish. Harness Add to the blocked list, then enter the title of the individual you need to stop: harness Block and tap Block back to support.
  7. You obstructed the individual on Facebook.
  8. To unblock the individual, tap the Facebook icon at the menu, then tap Preferences > Publish. Harness Unblock Beside the title of the blocked individual.
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