GTA Online’s Aliens Invade Los Santos For Halloween

GTA Online’s Aliens Invade Los Santos For Halloween

Today, aliens will invade Grand Theft Auto Online, just in time for Halloween. By signing on at the appropriate time, players can observe the storm for themselves.

Rockstar introduces some exotic weather and visual effects to GTA Online as part of a Halloween-themed virtual event. This free-roam event is part of a wider push in GTA Online this year to include frightening Halloween features.

Special events and updates are common in GTA Online. GTA Online receives ongoing maintenance in content updates, RP-boosting incentives, and limited-time offers as a game with many live-service aspects. While roaming through the open-world lobby, players can also participate in regular challenges. Aliens, UFOs, and space-based conspiracies have all appeared in the Grand Theft Auto franchise, particularly in Grand Theft Auto V, but there hasn’t been any substantial alien-themed stuff in GTA Online until now.

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Aliens appear to be making an appearance in Grand Theft Auto Online, although for a limited time. GTA News, a Twitter account, just posted a video depicting the strange global event up close and personal, offering viewers a close glimpse at the terrifying green sky lighted up by lightning and littered with UFOs. Unlike the recent Squid Game GTA Online challenges, this appears to be a Rockstar-sponsored event rather than a fan-made mod or game mode. According to GTA News, players can see the alien storm by going onto GTA Online between 19:30 and 06:30 (in-game time).

This effort to create real-time world events is reminiscent of other successful live-service games like Call of Duty: Warzone and Fortnite, which provide limited-time modes, unlockables, and other exclusive content regularly. These are common during holidays such as Christmas, St. Patrick’s Day, and, of course, Halloween. It appears to be a successful tactic for these games, as it keeps the public’s attention on them and keeps players returning to examine our seasonal features. According to recent data, GTA Online grossed over $911 million last year, demonstrating how important these types of events can be in keeping people involved.

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This alien-themed event appears to be primarily surface in GTA Online, as it doesn’t appear to offer any unique gameplay perks, modifications, or novelty unlockables for players to truly get their teeth into. Aircraft cannot approach the UFOs, so players wishing to board these otherworldly hot rods may be disappointed. On the other hand, GTA Online has a tonne of amazing Halloween stuff, so anyone wishing to get in the Halloween spirit will have enough to do.

GTA Online is now available for PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One.

Source: GTA News/Twitter