Call of Duty: Warzone: The Terms You Need to Know

Call of Duty: Warzone: The Terms You Need to Know

Here we can see, “Call of Duty: Warzone: The Terms You Need to Know”

Be a cool and supportive player on Call of Duty: Warzone with the help of all the key terms with our cheat sheet. 

Call of Duty: Warzone is now on the world’s largest and best Battle royale game list. It aids cross-platform plays with high featured and awesome gameplay, and mostly its free to play. 

In Call of Duty: Warzone, communication with your team members and observing your surroundings are very important. It would help if you conveyed what you are going to do and what they are trying to do for that language is important – for example, in situations like deploying a UAV, thirsting another player, or rotating the map.

To give you a hand in becoming the best Warzone player there, we got this cheat sheet for you that you need to know. Once you master these cheats, then you can have fun killing without worry and feel the wins. 

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Call of Duty: Warzone: The Terms You Need to Know

Term Meaning
ADS Aim down sights; looking down your weapon for a more accurate shot
Armor Protective plates, of which three can be applied and up to eight can be carried (with a satchel)
Attachment Item placed on a weapon to change its performance (like a scope or a silencer)
Bait Lure an enemy player into a trap, where the rest of the team are waiting
Battle Pass A paid system that unlocks weapons and customizations as you rank up
Bounty A type of contract where you get cash for eliminating an enemy marked on the map
Buy Station An in-game shop to buy armor, gas masks, UAVs, and more using cash
Cash In-game currency that is found within crates, on the floor, or rewarded for completing contracts
Circle The map boundary that shrinks as the game progresses
Clutch Winning a high-stakes situation when the odds are stacked against you
Contract Missions to complete for cash and loot: Bounty, Recon, Scavenger, and Most Wanted
Dead Silence A perk that reduces your footstep noise for a short period of time
Downed When your health reaches zero, you become incapacitated and must be revived or you die
Drop Shot Entering a prone position while shooting to avoid the enemy’s fire
Finishing Move A stylish animation to kill someone with a melee attack when their back is to you
Flank Instead of pushing an enemy from the front, you take a side route to try and surprise them
Flash A type of grenade that temporarily blinds a player
Frag The standard grenade where the pin is pulled and it explodes after a brief period of time
Gas Deadly yellow gas that surrounds the circle; stay too long in the gas and you will die
Gulag Where you go after your first death to battle someone in order to respawn
Heartbeat When you see a dot on your Heartbeat Sensor, which indicates nearby players
Hip Fire Firing your gun without aiming down sights
Juggernaut A rare perk that drops from the sky; when worn, you wear a special protected suit and get a minigun
Jump Shot Shooting someone while jumping in the air
K/D Kill/death ratio; the amount of kills you have to deaths, the higher the better
Killstreak Found in crates or bought at the Buy Station, killstreaks include UAVs, Shield Turrets, and Cluster Strikes
Loadout Your customized weapons and perks; you can buy a Loadout from a Buy Station
Mini Map The small map in the corner of your screen which shows the surrounding area
Most Wanted A type of contract where you are marked on the map for all to see; survive three minutes and your team respawn
Mount Place your weapon on a surface to make it easier to aim thanks to reduced recoil
One Shot When an enemy is very low on health that they can be killed in a limited number of shots
Operator The character you play as
Optic A dot or crosshair that appears when you aim down sights to help see where your bullets will go
Parachute If you fall from a great height then you will die, thus you must deploy your parachute to float
Perk Benefits that you apply to your Loadout, perks include Cold-Blooded, Ghost, and Amped
Ping A marker to show your team something, like a location or an enemy
Plunder A different game mode, separate to Battle Royale, where you must collect as much cash as possible
Quickscope Quickly killing someone after aiming down sights
Recon A type of contract where you must secure a specific location in order to reveal the next circle
Redeploy Coming back to the game after dying
Revive When you are downed in a fight, you must be healed by a teammate or use a purchased self-revive kit
Rotate Changing your position on the map, perhaps hovering the edge of the circle, rather than going straight
Scavenger A type of contract where you must open a series of crates to secure loot and cash
Season A period of time where new events, weapons, customizations, and more are released
Slide Cancel An advanced trick to move faster, achieved by pressing the slide button twice followed by jump
Stun A type of grenade that temporarily reduces enemy movement
Thirst When you quickly kill someone who has been downed to prevent them being revived
UAV A killstreak that reveals where nearby enemies are on the map for a limited time
Verdansk The fictional location that Warzone is set in
Wallbang Killing someone through a wall or barrier
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User Questions:

  1. What parents need to know about Call of Duty warzone?

When players fight each other in Warzone, there is violence; the game’s animation is quite realistic and includes blood. The goal of Warzone is to defeat other players by fighting against them, which can be done with weapons or with a player’s bare hands.

  1. What are the rules for warzone?


  • The matchmaking will be open to the public, and all players must be on NA servers.
  • Crossplay must be turned on for the players.
  • The teams will form quads. As a result, teams will be eliminated twice.
  • By causing team damage, destroying operated vehicles, or sabotaging in any way, teams are not allowed to disrupt or kill their opponents.
  1. Can PS5 and PS4 play Warzone together?

Is Warzone PS4 and PS5 cross-platform? Yes! In Warzone, a PS4 player can team up with players from another console, the PS5. It also works between Xbox Series X/S and Xbox One friends, allowing them to play together no matter what device they’re using.

  1. Can you get banned in Call of Duty warzone?

We impose penalties regardless of who was on the field at the time. Activision accounts are linked to active enforcements, which are applied to all devices associated with the account. Cheating, modding, and hacking are not permitted. If you’re banned, it’s because you tampered with game data without permission.

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  1. Welcome to Call of Duty: Warzone!

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