Google Will Now Help You “Find Food Support” With a Dedicated Site

Google Will Now Help You

Google launched a dedicated website to assist those in need of finding free food support services across the US.

The last year of the pandemic was difficult for all and has only made America’s hunger worse. As a result, Google launched a dedicated website to assist those in need of food assistance throughout the US.

Google Launches Dedicated Site for Free Food Support

Google has announced that a new website was being launched to assist those in need. Google’s “Find Food Support,” a new website, includes a Google Maps food bank locator that can be used for finding food banks, pantries, and schools lunch program pickup locations.

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Google has included all US locations through partnerships with non-profit organizations such as Wordfinder, No Kid Hungry, and the US Department of Agriculture. Google claims that there are many more locations in the future. The food bank locator currently has over 90,000 locations providing free food assistance across all 50 states.

The blog post stated that Google searches for “food bank near you,” “Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP),” “food stamps application,” and “school lunch pickup” were all higher than they have been in the past year. As a result, Google launched a new food support website to address the problem.

Google will upload five videos to its YouTube channel in addition to the “Find Food Support” site. This is done with the aim of de-stigmatizing the issue of food poverty. In a blog post, Emily Ma, Head of Food for Good, explained that Google wants people “to know they’re not the only one.”

Google’s dedicated food support website also features hotlines and state-by-state benefit guidebooks, as well as additional information for communities. You can also find information on donating time, money, and food to help those in need.

How to Access Google’s “Find Food Support” Site

It’s easy to find Google’s “Find Food Support” website. The URL is “,” which looks exactly like the search query you might type.

If you forget the URL, Google’s site will be displayed if you search Google for terms such as “find food support” and “food help.” Google’s site can only be accessed from the United States, to be clear.

Google’s new website is the best place to find information about food poverty and help you access free food support.

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Google Joins the Fight Against Food Poverty

Google is now actively fighting food poverty by launching its dedicated “Find Food Support” site. Google’s search analytics clearly show the extent of the problem. It’s great to see Google helping to address it.