How to Set up Apple Tv without Remote


You don’t need foreign control to use your Apple TV. During this article, we’ll show you ways to use your Apple TV without a foreign.

The Siri Remote is one of the simplest things about the Apple TV. It allows users to quickly and navigate the streaming device and even use the private assistant Siri to accomplish various tasks like finding a selected movie or television program to observe.

While the remote easily fits during a hand, its small size makes the expensive device susceptible to getting lost under the couch or elsewhere equally annoying.

However, the great news is that you don’t need foreign control to use your Apple TV. During this article, we’ll show you a variety of alternate ways to regulate your Apple TV.

How to Set Up Apple TV Without a Remote

If you’ve got lost the Siri Remote or are just trying to find a special thanks to interacting together with your Apple TV during setup, there’s a choice to pick from.

You can quickly found out your Apple TV with just a Bluetooth keyboard. Here are a number of our most excellent picks for wireless mice and keyboards for all budgets.

While fixing a replacement Apple TV for the primary time, or after doing a factory reset, wait until the primary screen appears on the screen to start.

When that screen appears, place a Bluetooth keyboard near the Apple TV and put it in pairing mode. In some cases, a code will then appear on the Apple TV screen that you can enter on the keyboard. That completes the pairing process.

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A keyboard symbol will flash on the screen to verify that the keyboard is prepared to be used. Use the arrow keys to maneuver around the screen and, therefore, the Enter button to pick. After selecting a language and country, another screen allows you to choose whether to use Siri and dictate Siri Remote.

Next, you’ll select whether to manually enter Wi-Fi and Apple ID information using the keyboard or automatically with an iOS device. If you’ve got an iPhone or iPad handy, use the iOS device option, which will save time and energy trying to enter an extended Wi-Fi password and Apple ID information.

Once that’s complete, there are a couple of more screens regarding when to need a password, location services, screensavers, analytics, and more. After browsing those, the setup is complete, and you will see the house screen.

How to Use Apple TV Without a Remote

Once setup is complete, you’ll still enjoy the whole Apple TV experience (including any downloaded apps) without a foreign. All you will need is an iPhone or iPad.

After being found out, and if your iPhone or iPad is running iOS 12 or later, there’s an impact Center widget that will control the streaming device. We’ve previously detailed how to use the Center on iPhone and iPad.

Once the Apple TV is added to regulate Center, tap the icon to start. Confirm you’re on an equivalent Wi-Fi network. You’ll get to enter a four-digit code on an iPhone or iPad that appears on the Apple TV screen.

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You’ll select what Apple TV to regulate if there are multiple Apple streaming devices during home on the widget’s highest. You’ll also control the Apple TV with the dedicated Remote app for iOS.

If you would like to seek out more about controlling your Apple TV without a foreign, we’ve previously published a piece of writing detailing how to manage your Apple TV with an iPhone or iPad.

How to Turn On an Apple TV Without a Remote

If your Apple TV is left idle after a particular amount of your time, it’ll automatically attend sleep. This causes an enormous issue if you’ve lost the Siri Remote as you always got to press a button or click the touch surface to wake the Apple TV up.

The first step to undertake (if you do not have a remote) is to use the Remote app or the Apple TV center widget. Just press the virtual control area and see if it will awaken the Apple TV.

If that does not work, there could also be another sort of issue with the device. During which case, the most uncomplicated course of action is to get rid of the facility cord from the rear of your Apple TV then place it back to the facility supply. This will completely reboot your Apple TV, and you should then be ready to control it with an iPhone or iPad easily.

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Speaking of which, inspect the most straightforward TV remote apps for your other devices too.

Using Another Remote on an Apple TV

Another control option is to use a third-party remote. You can set one up with the Apple TV in only a couple of steps.

Here’s the step-by-step process:

  1. Wake the Apple TV and head to Settings.
  2. Select Remotes and Devices, then Learn Remote.
  3. Hit the beginning button to start the method.
  4. Grab the new remote and confirm it’s pointed to the Apple TV.
  5. There will be various prompts on the screen which will require you to press the corresponding button on the new Remote. A number of those will include the directional buttons, Select, and Menu. For the Apple TV to assist learn the new remote, you will need to carry down the button until the progress bar on the screen is full.
  6. After that is complete, you’ll also add a custom name to assist better identify the Remote.
  7. Then you’ll also select found-out Playback Buttons to assist your Apple TV to learn the play, pause, fast forward, and rewind buttons on the opposite Remote.

It’s also easy to delete the remote information from an Apple TV. Just attend Settings, then choose Remotes and Devices. Choose the name of the small, and on the subsequent screen, hit Delete Remote.