Synaptics Touchpad Driver Windows 10 HP

Synaptics Touchpad Driver Windows 10 HP

Here we can see “Synaptics Touchpad Driver Windows 10 HP ”

Your touchpad isn’t working, and you’re willing to download the updated driver for your Windows 10 of HP developers. We are getting to share the newest Synaptics touchpad driver Windows 10 HP. It’ll works for you on your HP touchpad properly.

Touchpad or Clickpad is that the main point during a device to use. to figure with it properly. You’ve got to stay updated with the newest drivers of this Synaptics Touchpad Windows 10 HP. Read the installation guide and downloading process to urge more information about this driver.


  1. Download the newest Synaptics Touchpad driver Windows 10 HP.
  2. Install it.
  3. Reboot your system.
  4. Enable your Synaptics from the instrument panel.
  5. Now, your system is prepared to figure with Synaptics
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Just scroll down one step and proceed to your download. Follow the available URL.

Download (From Official)

User Questions:

1. HP Spectre x360 Synaptics Touchpad not working properly
I am turning to the Microsoft community for help after various days trying to resolve issues I’m having with the touchpad on my HP Spectre x360 laptop. For a few reasons, the touchpad is not any longer scrolling, zooming, and therefore the touchpad option menu under mice and pointing devices has disappeared. I’m unable to disable the touchpad when employing a mouse nor adjust other settings for the touchpad. The touchpad is often used as a pointer and right-clicks on a link, but that appears to be it.

I have rolled back the Synaptics touchpad driver, uninstalled the Synaptics touchpad with no success, including the Synaptics SMBus driver. I even have through with an external mouse installed and uninstalled. Whenever I roll back the driving force or uninstall the touchpad, an equivalent driver automatically is stalled: (21-08-19). From what I even have read on numerous forums, the problems I even have had could also be associated with Windows update 1903? the foremost recent driver update for the Laptop’s touchpad on the HP site is nineteen .5.10.75. I even have tried to put in this driver, but during the install, a more modern version of the driving force ( is found, and therefore the install is aborted. As previously noted, once I reboot, the driving force (21-08-19) is installed.

Additionally, I uninstalled the Synaptics instrument panel app in the hope of resolving the difficulty, and now I’m unable to reinstall the instrument panel, error: Code: 0x803FB005. I cleared the cache for the Microsoft Store but still unable to put it in the Synaptics instrument panel app.

2. Synaptics Touchpad on Windows 10
Hello. I’ve recently upgraded to windows 10, and my Synaptics Touchpad lost its scrolling and tap-to-click features.

MY computer may be an HP Pavillion DV-7 3085dx. The device number for the touchpad is v

The mouse functionality works fine, but not having the ability to scroll or click by tapping it’s been an annoyance.

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3. Synaptics touchpad doesn’t work anymore on my HP laptop

After attempting to put in the Windows Precision drivers, unofficially(?), my touchpad (which I had successfully done once within the past) doesn’t work anymore. I followed a manual installation procedure at this point by choosing the driving force files in Device Manager. Only things that employees are the clicky buttons, and if I touch the touchpad during a very small area, it does move the cursor, although in a weird, unnatural, and useless way.

I’ve tried afterward to put in the precise Synaptics drivers for my Laptop from HP’s website, but it resulted in the same problems. Uninstalling the touchpad driver from Device Manager and restarting does fix the matter in a way. But since it automatically installs a generic 2005 driver, the cursor movement isn’t smooth in the least, and there’s no support for two-finger scrolling. Once I restart a second time, Synaptics drivers are automatically installed, and therefore the same issues resurface.

4. Synaptics touchpad driver not working
I have an HP Laptop 15-bs1xx.

I tried to update the drivers within the device manager, but the Synaptics touchpad isn’t there.

I tried to download the drivers through the HP website. I download and install it, then I even have to restart the Laptop to finish the installation, but it’s still not working when it comes back on. I search within the device manager it’s there, so I update the drivers and then restart the pc again. Then when it comes back on in device manager, it’s deleted?

So I downloaded driver easy and purchased the professional version, and still nothing?

I tried to try to do a systems restore that did not help.

Then I attempted a factory reset, and still nothing? I do not know what else to try to do.

5. Touchpad and mouse not performing on HP Laptop running Windows 10
So all of a sudden, the touchpad and mouse stopped performing on my Laptop running Windows 10. Also, in Device Manager, there’s no Mice and other pointing devices option. Any ideas on the way to get these two workings again?