How to: FIX WoW high latency and frequent disconnects

How to: FIX WoW high latency and frequent disconnects

Here we can see, “How to: FIX WoW high latency and frequent disconnects”

  • Ensure your drivers are up to date if you’re experiencing latency issues with World of Warcraft.
  • Checking to see if the server you’re using is functioning correctly can assist in identifying the issue.
  • Many people said that upgrading or uninstalling specific add-ons resolved latency problems.

One of the most played online multiplayer games worldwide is World of Warcraft. WoW, which debuted in 2004, has millions of active users who are prepared to fulfill various objectives.

The game has received multiple additions over the years, which have improved practically every area of gameplay and provided new material.

But there are still specific problems, most notably the network-related ones, that slow your game.

We’ll teach you how to resolve WoW latency difficulties and other network issues that could obstruct your gameplay sessions in today’s article.

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What happens when you experience latency?

The amount of time it takes for data to get from the server to the client is known as latency. This is especially true for online games because they will ruin your gaming experience if excessive latency occurs.

This applies to all forms of digital content, not just video games, so some websites may load slowly if you experience latency problems.

What is normal latency in World of Warcraft?

For gaming, latency under 100ms is optimal, especially for MMORPGs like World of Warcraft. Most users won’t notice the latency between 100 and 150ms; however it could result in a few minor problems.

You’ll start to experience slowdowns and slower responses when completing particular actions if it rises above 200ms, especially if it does. You can play the game in its entirety, but it will slow down how quickly you can react.

How can I fix World of Warcraft latency issues?

1. Make sure that your drivers are up to date

    1. Visit the manufacturer’s website for your network adapter.
    2. Visit the Drivers category.
    3. On the list, find your model, and download the most recent driver for it.
    4. Install the drivers, then see if the issue is fixed.

2. Check the server status

    1. Visit the page for Realm Status.
    2. On the list, find your server.
    3. The server has a problem if the status is set to anything other than a green check mark.

If you’re experiencing excessive latency when playing World of Warcraft but the Internet is working usually, the problem is probably server-related; therefore you’ll need to wait for Blizzard to resolve it.

3. Reset the game’s user interface

    1. Accomplish the game’s exit.
    2. Remove all addon managers at this point.
    3. Launch the installation directory for World of Warcraft.
    4. Now go to the folder for the version (_retail_, _classic era_, or _classic_) that is giving you this issue.
    5. Finding the following folders is necessary:
      • Cache
      • Interface
      • WTF
    6. The first folder should be selected by a right-click, then Rename.
    7. Call it CacheOld instead.
    8. Apply the same procedure to the final two directories.

We advise you to upgrade or delete specific addons since these can occasionally be helpful.

4. Use PowerShell

    1. In the menu that appears, select PowerShell (Admin) by pressing Windows Key + X.
    2. Run the following commands right away:
      • ipconfig /release
        ipconfig /renew
        ipconfig /flushdns
    3. Start the game and see whether the problem persists.

5. Install the latest Windows updates

    1. Open the Settings app by pressing the Windows Key + I.
    2. Get there by selecting Update & Security.
    3. To check for updates, click the button.
    4. Windows will now install the missing updates.

Start the game after updating your system, and see whether random disconnects from World of Warcraft still happen.

6. Optimize your connection

    1. Use a cable connection whenever you can rather than a wireless one because the latter is more likely to have a higher delay.
    2. Close any programs that can download online content or access the Internet because they can affect your connection.
    3. A broadband connection is always preferred for gaming because it is typically more reliable.
    4. Optional: Shut down your modem for thirty seconds, then restart it.

7. Disable proxies

    1. Inetcpl.cpl can be entered by pressing Windows Key + R, then Enter.
    2. Select Never call; a connection is available on the Connections tab.
    3. On the LAN settings button, click.
    4. Uncheck Consider using a proxy server as a LAN solution.
    5. Optional: If the previous option has already been disabled, try checking the box next to Automatically detect settings.

8. Scan for malware/disable your antivirus

    1. Run a system scan to see whether your computer has any malware.
    2. To access window security, press Windows Key + S. From the list of outcomes, choose Windows Security.
    3. Select Manage settings under Virus & threat protection in the left pane.
    4. Real-time protection can be disabled.

Return to the game and see whether the latency difficulties with WoW are still present. If the issue continues, you might want to consider adopting antivirus software designed explicitly for gaming PCs.

Remember that this fix is exclusive to Windows Defender. The deactivating procedure will vary depending on the antivirus program you’re running.

What causes high latency in online games?

The game server is the first of several elements that can contribute to delay. If there are any problems, they will show up as slowdowns.

The infrastructure between you and the server comes next. You can encounter network troubles if there are issues between you and the server.

You might want to try utilizing one of these gaming VPN programs if you think your ISP is causing the slowdowns.

Finally, if your firewall is blocking any particular services, applications, or ports, you’ll run into issues with your network hardware and PC settings.

How can I find the latency of any server?

    1. Select PowerShell by pressing Windows Key + X. (Admin).
    2. Now type the following command:
      • ping
    3. You may now observe the server’s typical delay as well as the ratio of lost packets.

Remember that any URL or IP address can be used with this technique.

These are some of the fixes you might attempt if your ping in World of Warcraft is too high. Since the problem is typically server-related, there isn’t much you can do.

Ensure that no programs are interfering with the game, and update your settings accordingly if your PC is the issue.


I hope you found this guide useful. If you’ve got any questions or comments, don’t hesitate to use the shape below.

User Questions

1. Why is the latency in my WoW game suddenly so high?

To ensure that your files and add-ons are not corrupt, reset your user interface. To ensure that your router has not become overloaded with data, reset all of your network devices. Resolve any network problems, flush your DNS and release and renew your IP address.

2. Why does World of Warcraft constantly cutting off for me?

Check your network configuration to identify any problems with your firewall, router, or port settings. Try turning off your VPN if you’re using one. Any proxies that might conflict with the login module should be disabled. To get rid of any malware or virus infections, perform a security scan.

3. Why is WoW now running slowly?

A game like World of Warcraft may lag if your PC has corrupted or outdated device drivers. Therefore, ensure that all your device drivers, including the network and graphics drivers, are up to date. Too many background bandwidth-hungry applications could possibly be the root of the issue.

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