How to: Fix Acrobat Failed to Connect to a Dde Server

How to: Fix Acrobat Failed to Connect to a Dde Server

Here we can see, “How to: Fix Acrobat Failed to Connect to a Dde Server”

  • Adobe Acrobat is the most well-known piece of software for viewing, editing, and producing PDF files.
  • We will examine how to resolve the Acrobat that failed to connect to a DDE server error on Windows 10 because even this well-known program has its fair share of problems.

For some users, the Adobe Acrobat PDF (Portable Document Format) software displays the following error message:

Acrobat failed to connect to a DDE server

Connection to a DDE server by Acrobat was unsuccessful.

When users attempt to open PDF files or merge documents in Adobe Acrobat, an error notice may appear.

As a result, when the problem occurs, users cannot access a PDF or merge documents in Acrobat. This is how users of Windows 10 can resolve the Acrobat fails to connect to a DDE server error.

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How can I fix Acrobat’s DDE server error?

1. Update the Acrobat software

    1. Run can be chosen by right-clicking the Start menu.
    2. Click OK after entering appwiz.cpl in the text box.
    3. Uninstall Adobe Acrobat by selecting it.
    4. To confirm, click the Yes button.
    5. After removing Adobe Acrobat, restart Windows.
    6. Get Adobe Acrobat by visiting the official website.

Older versions of Adobe Acrobat are more prone to have the DDE server issue. There may have been an Adobe update that resolves the DDE server problem. Therefore, updating Acrobat to the most recent version may resolve the problem for some users.

Users can update the software by selecting Help > Check for Updates in Acrobat. That will launch the window for the updater, which installs updates.

2. Turn off antivirus software

Some third-party antivirus programs might alert Adobe Acrobat when users attempt to merge PDFs. Therefore, disabling antivirus software is another option for fixing the DDE problem.

Users can typically choose to temporarily switch off antivirus software by right-clicking the icon in the system tray and selecting one of the options: disable, quit, stop, or turn off.

If the software’s context menu does not have a disable option, open the utility’s main window and check the options tab for a turn-off option.

3. Edit the Registry

    1. First, use the hotkey Windows key + X.
    2. To open that accessory, choose Run.
    3. To launch the Registry Editor, type Regedit into the text box and hit Enter.
    4. In the address bar, type the following registry path:
      • ComputerHKEY_CLASSES_ROOTacrobatshellopenddeexecapplication.
    5. Choose the application key located on the window’s left side of the Registry Editor.
    6. To launch the Edit String window displayed below, double-click Default.
    7. Then remove the text that currently appears in the Value data field for AcroviewA18 or AcroviewA19.
    8. If AcroviewA18 was the initial value, type AcroviewR18 in the Value data field.
      1. AcroviewR19 may be required for some users because the A and R values depend on the installed version.
    9. Next, press the OK button.
    10. Following registry changes, restart Windows.

One of Adobe’s official fixes for the DDE problem is this registry change. Users must change an Acrobat application key as part of the modification.

4. Repair Acrobat

    1. Some customers have successfully fixed the installation of Acrobat to resolve the DDE server issue. Open Run to accomplish that.
    2. After typing appwiz.cpl in Run, hit Return.
    3. Choose the Adobe Acrobat program.
    4. To open the window seen in the accompanying image, click the Change button.
    5. Choose the option to fix software installation issues.
    6. Hit the Next key.
    7. When the repair and installation process is complete, click Finish.

5. Turn off Protected Mode at startup

The panel in the image below will pop open in Acrobat when you select Edit > Preferences.

    1. To access the settings displayed below, click Security (Enhanced) on the left side of that window.
    2. Enable Protected Mode at Startup should be deselected.
    3. Enable Enhanced Security should be deselected.
    4. Adobe Acrobat and the Preferences window should be closed.
    5. Open Adobe later to verify whether the DDE server problem has been resolved.

Another approach that has worked for some Acrobat users to resolve the DDE server error is to deselect the Protected Mode at startup and Enhanced Security settings.

For users of Adobe Acrobat, those resolutions have resolved the DDE server problem. They’ll therefore probably fix the problem. However, Acrobat users can sign in to to create a support ticket if more adjustments are still required.


I hope you found this guide useful. If you’ve got any questions or comments, don’t hesitate to use the shape below.

User Questions

1. How can I use Acrobat to connect to a DDE server?

    1. Use Search to find a PDF on the system (any PDF will do)
    2. When you right-click a PDF file while holding down the Shift key, choose “Open with.”
    3. Choose between Adobe Reader or Acrobat (depending on which application is actually installed)
    4. Check the “Always open with” box next to ” in the bottom-right corner dialog box.

2. Describe a DDE error?

There was a DDE error; however the lengthy description of the error could not be presented. Try renaming the file or transferring it to a different folder if the filename or path is lengthy. Note. This problem happens when you open a file from a mapped drive, a UNC path, or a URL (web address).

3. What does DDE stand for?

DDE Server Window: What Does It Mean? Dynamic Data Exchange is referred to as DDE. Windows uses this procedure to enable data communication and exchange between two separate apps. To convey data, one of them will serve as a server.

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