Final Cut Pro X Keyboard Shortcuts to Edit Video Efficiently

Final Cut Pro X Keyboard Shortcuts to Edit Video Efficiently

Here we can see, “Final Cut Pro X Keyboard Shortcuts to Edit Video Efficiently”

Speed up your Final Cut Pro X video editing with these keyboard shortcuts for editing, reviewing, and more.

Looking for a video editor to work on macOS, Final Cut Pro X should do the trick. In it not only can edit the video, but also with advanced features to modify audio, motion graphics, and delivery. So if you think of doing all the processes on your own from start to end, Final Cut Pro X is the best to use.

The Final Cut Pro X presents a standard array of choices, and it made the shortcuts simply necessary because you don’t want to switch the menus while playback your video; you can concentrate without disturbance. 

That’s why we made this cool list which is of Final Cut Pro X shortcuts. The shortcuts are listed down to 10 category, due to the reach of the program. Overall, they’re tailored to different stages of editing, review, and general program usage.

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Final Cut Pro X Keyboard Shortcuts

Shortcut Action
Application Shortcuts
Cmd + H Hide app
Cmd + M Minimize app
Cmd + O Open library
Cmd + Q Quit app
Cmd + Comma (,) Open preferences
Option + Cmd + K Command editor
Shift + Cmd + Z Redo change
Cmd + Z Undo change
C Select clip
Cmd + C Copy selection
Cmd + D Duplicate
Cmd + X Cut the selection
Cmd + G Create storyline
Cmd + Y Create audition
Cmd + B Blade
Shift + Cmd + B Blade all
Cmd + A Select all
Shift + Cmd + A Deselect all
Control + D Change duration
Control + L Adjust volume relative
Control + Option + L Adjust volume absolute
Delete Delete
Option + Cmd + Delete Delete selection only
V Enable/Disable clip
G Toggle storyline mode
Option + Right Bracket (]) Trim end
Option + Left Bracket ([) Trim start
Option + Backslash (\) Trim to selection
Option + Cmd + M Match color
Shift + Cmd + M Match audio
Option + Cmd + C Copy effects
Option + Shift + C Copy keyframes
Option + Shift + X Cut keyframes
Option + Shift + V Paste keyframes
Option + Cmd + V Paste effects
Shift + Cmd + V Paste attributes
Option + Tab Next text
Option + Shift + Tab Previous text
Option + C Add caption
Control + Shift + C Edit caption
M Add marker
Option + M Add marker and modify
Control + C Show all clips
Option + X Clear selected ranges
Option + O Clear range end
Option + I Clear range start
Control + M Delete marker
Control + Shift + M Delete markers in selection
R Range selection tool
X Select clip range
O Set range end
Control + O Set range end (while editing a text field)
I Set range start
Control + I Set range end (while editing a text field)
U Removes ratings from selection
Option + N New event
Shift + Cmd + N New folder
Option + Cmd + G Synchronize clips
Shift + F Reveal selected clip in browser
Option + Shift + Cmd + F Reveal project in browser
Navigation and Playback
S Turn skimming on/off
Shift + S Audio skimming on/off
Option + Cmd + S Clip skimming on/off
Left arrow Go to previous frame
Option + Left Arrow Go to previous field
Shift + Left Arrow Go back ten frames
Right arrow Go to next frame
Option + right arrow Go to next subframe
Shift + Right Arrow Go forward ten frames
Home key Go to beginning
End key Go to end
Semicolon (;) Go to previous edit
Apostrophe (‘) Go to next edit
Shift + A Monitor audio
L Play forward
J Play in reverse
Slash (/) Play selection
Control + Shift + O Play to end
Space bar Start or pause playback
K Stop playback
Option + Shift + A Start/Stop voiceover recording
A Arrow tool
B Blade tool
H Hand tool
P Position tool
T Trim tool
Z Zoom tool
Shift + C Crop tool
Option + D Distort tool
Shift + T Transform tool
Cmd + plus sign Zoom in
Cmd + minus sign Zoom out
Shift + Z Zoom to fit
Control + Z Zoom to samples
Option + Shift + N View clip names
Control + A Show/Hide audio animation
Control + V Show/Hide video animation
Control + Y Show/Hide skimmer info
Shift + Cmd + Hyphen (-) Decrease clip height
Shift + Cmd + Equal sign (=) Increase clip height
Control + Option + Up arrow Increase waveform size (clip appearance)
Control + Option + Down arrow Decrease waveform size (clip appearance)
Cmd + 1 Go to browser
Cmd + 2 Go to timeline
Cmd + 3 Go to viewer
Cmd + 4 Show/Hide inspector
Cmd + 5 Show/Hide effects browser
Cmd + 6 Go to color board
Cmd + 7 Show/Hide video scopes
Cmd + 8 Go to audio enhancements
Cmd + 9 Show/Hide background tasks
Option + Cmd + 8 Show/hide voice recorder
General Shortcuts
Cmd + F Find
Cmd + I Import media
Cmd + N New project
Cmd + J Project properties
Control + R Render selection
Control + Shift + R Render all
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I hope you found this guide useful. If you have any questions or comments, don’t hesitate to use the form below.

User Questions:

  1. How do you edit Fast in Final Cut Pro?

Select a range, an entire clip, or a group of clips whose speed you want to change in the Final Cut Pro timeline. Next, choose one of the following options: Use the following method to apply a preset speed setting: Choose Slow or Fast from the Retime pop-up menu below the viewer, then a speed from the submenu.

  1. How do I improve video quality in Final Cut Pro X?

Click the View pop-up menu in the upper-right corner of the viewer in Final Cut Pro, then choose one of the following options in the Quality section: Enhanced Quality: To see full-resolution video frames in the viewer, select this option. For high-quality, large-frame-size video, this setting may reduce playback performance.

  1. What is Final Cut Pro cache?

The cache contains all of FCPX’s temporary files created while working on a project, such as background rendered files, optical flow data, etc. The option in the File menu allows you to clean out background rendered files.

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I want to love FCP:X I really do but there are just a few things I really need help with. from finalcutpro

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