How to play DVD Video_TS folder files in Windows 10

How to play DVD Video_TS folder files in Windows 10

Here we can see, “How to play DVD Video_TS folder files in Windows 10”

  • If you’re wondering how to play video ts on Windows 10, there are several options.
  • You can use third-party software to play video ts files on your PC if it supports the format.
  • Follow our detailed instructions to burn the VIDE TS to a DVD for a quick solution.
  • You may also easily play the files on your PC if you use a DVD ripper application.

One of the folder’s subfolders contains three Video TS data files. As a result, some users may be unsure how to play DVD TS data after downloading movies.

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Here are some simple solutions for Windows users to play DVD Video TS folder files.

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How do I play DVD Video_TS Folder Files?

1. Use Adobe Premiere Pro

With Adobe Premiere Pro, you can accomplish a lot with a video file. First and foremost, it can effortlessly playback the video, and you can see it.

Then you can simply convert it to a format that is natively compatible with Windows or other media players and share the content with others.

You may actually go a step farther and alter the video. Subtitles and captions, for example, can be added or edited. You can also trim the video and remove the sections that aren’t necessary.

Of course, further options are available, such as changing the color scheme, adding subtle effects or filters, or combining two or more video files into one.

2. Use WinX DVD Ripper

      1. On the WinX DVD page, click the Download Now option.
      2. Install the software by clicking the setup button.
      3. Play the WinX DVD.
      4. Select the Video TS folder you want to convert by clicking +Folder.
      5. As the output profile, select To MP4.
      6. Select the converted folder’s destination by clicking Browse.
      7. After that, select Run.

    All media software does not support the Video TS format. Users who need to play Video TS files in players that don’t support the format can convert the TS folder to MP4.

    WinX DVD is a shareware Windows program that converts Video TS folders to MP4 files. Thanks to its unique title check process, it supports all types of old and modern DVDs, including 99-title and damaged DVDs.

    Furthermore, the software is now one of the best free options available, claiming to outperform 95% of its competitors in terms of speed while balancing quality and CPU utilization.

    Users can thus play Video TS files in VLC, convert them to MP4s, and burn them on DVD for Windows playback.

    3. Burn the Video_TS to a DVD

      1. To save the software’s installer to a folder, go to the Free DVD Video Burner page and click the Download option.
      2. Then, to install the software, open the setup file.
      3. In the DVD drive, place a blank DVD-RW disc.
      4. Select the Video TS folder to burn to DVD using the Browse button.
      5. From the Drive drop-down menu, select the DVD drive.
      6. After that, hit the Burn button.

    The DVD Video TS folder can be burned to a blank disc. Users will need DVD burner software to burn to a blank DVD-RW disc.

    Free DVD Video Burner is a simple, albeit rudimentary, Windows program for burning a TS folder to a disc. Follow the steps outlined above to burn a Video TS to DVD with a Free DVD Video Burner.

    4. Use VLC Media Player

      1. VLC Media Player can be downloaded.
      2. To install VLC on Windows, go to the VLC setup wizard.
      3. Next, open the VLC media player.
      4. Go to the top left corner of the VLC window and click Media to access the Media menu.
      5. Choose the option to Open Folder.
      6. Then, in VLC, choose the Video TS folder to import.
      7. Select a folder by pressing the button.
      8. Then press the Play button to begin watching the video.

    Users of VLC can play Video TS files without burning them to DVD. The VLC media player supports the Video TS format, allowing users to play TS files without needing a DVD.


    I hope you found this guide useful. If you’ve got any questions or comments, don’t hesitate to use the shape below.

    User Questions

    1. On my computer, how do I play Video TS files?

    Simply open the file browser on your computer and navigate to the folder containing the Video ts file you wish to watch. Select a folder by clicking on it. This will open the Video ts file in VLC Media Player, which will allow you to view its contents without any problems.

    2. Is Video TS compatible with Windows Media Player?

    Under the Video tab, select a digital format. You can convert Video TS to MP4 for the best compatibility because MP4 is one of the universal formats. Choose WMV for Windows Media Video if you want to correct how to play Video TS files on Windows Media Player.

    3. On Windows 10, how can I play a DVD?

    Place the disc in the drive that you want to watch. The disc will usually begin playing on its own. If it doesn’t play, or you wish to play a disc that is already inserted, launch Windows Media Player and pick the disc name in the navigation pane of the Player Library.

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