DC Dual Force Game Will Include All Super Heroes & Villains

DC Dual Force Game Will Include All Super Heroes & Villains

DC Comics, Cryptozoic Entertainment, and YUKE’S collaborate on DC Dual Force, a digital card game that spans DC’s extensive comic book history.

Both of these games will let players enter the ever-expanding DC Comics universe as their favourite heroes and antiheroes. Longtime Batman sidekicks like Nightwing and Batgirl will step into the spotlight to defend Gotham City following the Dark Knight’s apparent death in Gotham Knights, developed by WB Montreal, the studio behind Batman: Arkham Origins. Suicide Squad: Assassination Players will control the titular team of rehabilitated villains in The Justice League, set in the same universe as developer Rocksteady’s critically popular Batman: Arkham series. Meanwhile, only a few days before the significant DC Fandome event, another fascinating DC game is being launched, one that will put the whole DC world in the palm of a player’s hands.

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In a recent press release, Cryptozoic Entertainment revealed that it is teaming up with DC Comics and Yuke’s to produce DC Dual Force, a new free-to-play game set to launch in Q3 2022. More characters will be included in subsequent updates after the launch of this digital card game, which will cover characters from all eight decades of DC publishing. Although the rules for DC Dual Force have yet to be finalised, Cryptozoic claims that the game will be “easy to learn and entertaining to master,” adding that “as game creators and lifetime comics fans, this is truly a dream come true.”We’re dead set on delivering the definitive comic book card game.”

Before collaborating with DC on DC Dual Force, Cryptozoic Entertainment made a name for itself as a tabletop game developer by creating card games based on popular franchises such as The Lord Of The Rings, The Walking Dead, and even Portal. Cryptozoic had previously created a physical DC Comics-themed card game, the first to use their unique “Cerberus Game Engine” deck-building mechanism. However, Yuke’s is most known for its work on the WWE video game series, which it worked on until 2019. It has since shifted ship to rival wrestling organisation AEW for its upcoming interactive title release next year.

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Cryptozoic Entertainment is a well-known name in tabletop gaming. The DC Comics universe offers a vast pantheon of characters that lend themselves perfectly to an ongoing collecting card game. More information concerning DC Dual Force’s gameplay mechanics and initial material will most likely be released in the months leading up to the game’s projected release in 2022, so fans should remain tuned.

Source: Cryptozoic EntertainmentDC Dual Force/YouTube