AEW Game Will Feature Late Wrestling Legend Owen Hart

AEW Game Will Feature Late Wrestling Legend Owen Hart

AEW’s upcoming computer game will feature the late Owen Hart as a playable character, as a part of a replacement marketing affect the legend’s estate.

AEW’s upcoming computer game will feature the late Owen Hart as a playable character. Owen was the younger brother of fellow Canadian wrestler Bret “The Hitman” Hart (along with other notable members of the Hart wrestling family). He had a memorable run in WWF (World Wrestling Federation, now referred to as WWE) until his life and career were cut tragically short by accident during 1999 Over the sting pay-per-view event.

Under his masked persona of The Blue Blazer, Owen was meant to ride a zipline right down to the ring for his match that night – just for it to become unhooked, causing Owen to fall 78 feet to the bottom below. He was declared dead later that night, much to the heartbreak of his friends, loved ones, and fans all across the planet. Owen Hart’s family held WWE legally liable for the tragedy. Owen’s widow refused to permit the corporate to profit from Owen’s name or induct him into its Hall Of Fame. As a result, Owen himself had not appeared during a WWE-licensed computer game since 1999’s WWF Attitude, which was released a couple of short months after his death and featured a dedication to him when the sport booted up. Owen was included in Acclaim’s Legends of Wrestling and its 2004 follow-up Showdown: Legends of Wrestling, but the late legend has yet to seem in any wrestling game since.

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According to Video Games Chronicle, this may change in AEW’s upcoming wrestling game because the company has made a promotional affect on the Owen Hart Foundation – a non-profit charity started by Owen’s family a year after his passing. This may allow AEW to release a line of merchandise dedicated to Owen, feature him as a playable character within the upcoming AEW game and hold a special in-ring tournament in his honour.

AEW announced that it might be performing on its answer to 2K’s WWE games last November. For its project, the wrestling promotion recruited former WWE game developer Yuke’s Co., also as famed WWF No Mercy and Def Jam Vendetta director Hideyuki Iwashita. More details have slowly emerged within the months since, with a recent AEW gameplay video showing off the new game’s fast-paced, arcade-style action that harkens to the older WWE titles of the N64 and original PlayStation era. AEW’s game also will feature a full story campaign, online multiplayer, and in-depth character customization options.

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Owen Heart was beloved by his co-workers within the WWF and wrestling fans alike, and his death is essentially seen together of wrestling’s greatest tragedies. Hence, his inclusion in AEW’s upcoming computer game may be a heartwarming way of preserving his legacy, especially since his family and friends gave the in-game appearance a full blessing. Players will get to step into the ring because the late Owen Heart when AEW’s maiden voyage into the planet of triple-A console gaming hopefully launches sometime next year.

Source: Video Games Chronicle