Darth Malgus’ Ultimate Sith Plan Will Be Revealed in SWTOR

Darth Malgus' Ultimate Sith Plan Will Be Revealed in SWTOR

The release date for Star Wars: The Old Republic’s newest addition, Legacy of the Sith, which features the dark Darth Malqus, has been revealed.

Star Wars: The Old Republic, the popular Star Wars MMORPG, has officially announced the release date of its upcoming update, Legacy of the Sith, which will focus on Darth Malqus’ dark schemes. In July, Legacy of the Sith was released, promising a continuation of Malqus’ backstory and a journey to the watery planet of Manaan and new Combat Styles to allow players to give their characters a new degree of customisation and personality.

Darth Malqus will be well-known to long-time gamers of The Old Republic, as he has previously served as a Dark Side aide. Darth Malqus was defeated during one of the game’s operations, but he was later reborn and retained a constant presence. Some fans have expressed their dissatisfaction with Darth Malqus, believing he represents a villain problem in SWTOR. These players argue that, given the vast amount of backstory available for The Old Republic, BioWare has a plethora of compelling villains to choose from. The game shouldn’t be so reliant on a single Sith lord.

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Malqus is coming back, despite these protests. A recent Livestream on the swtheoldrepublic YouTube channel delves into his role in the Legacy of the Sith expansion, and a press release promises a deeper look into his enigmatic ambitions. Players can expect to see Malqus and the Manaan above and a wrecked Sith castle on the planet Elom. The video also showed off some of the characters that can be found in Legacy of the Sith. When the expansion is released on December 14th, it will kick off BioWare’s plans to commemorate the game’s tenth anniversary; the celebrations will last until 2022.

This webcast highlights only a small portion of the new content coming to Star Wars: The Old Republic. BioWare has promised a slew of enhancements to the game, including the Combat above Styles, which expand on the game’s restrictive Advanced Class features. This new method of character advancement also limits RNG, which has been a thorn in the side of game players. Legacy of the Sith will also include UI improvements, which will be another important addition to Star Wars: The Old Republic in the upcoming expansion.

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Even if gamers had hoped for a different nemesis than Darth Malqus, this expansion should provide plenty of material to keep them entertained. Fans will be able to explore new otherworldly vistas in Manaan and Elom. The revamped Combat Styles will allow players to expand their player character options in various new ways. Players will be able to explore this ancient galaxy in a fresh new way when December 14th arrives.

On PC, Star Wars: The Old Republic is now available.