How to: Fix Copy This File Without Its Properties Warning

How to: Fix Copy This File Without Its Properties Warning

Here we can see, “How to: Fix Copy This File Without Its Properties Warning”

Do you have any prior When you attempted to transfer or copy a file, Windows prompted you, “Are you sure you want to copy this file without its properties?” If the answer is yes, but you are unsure of the reason for and a way to prevent receiving this message, stay reading to learn more.

This pop-up window typically appears when you attempt to copy or move a file from an NTFS drive to a FAT drive (FAT16. FAT32, and any other type of FAT). The notice appears because files formatted with the NTFS storage system can save some properties that those formatted with the FAT file system cannot.

This pop-up message is beneficial since it serves as a warning rather than an issue that has to be fixed. However, we have a few options for you if you don’t want to continue to see this pop-up notification in the future.

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How can I fix the error: Copy file without properties?

1. Convert the destination drive to NTFS

    1. Connecting the FAT disc to your computer is the first thing you’ll need to do.
    2. Open this computer.
    3. Take a backup of every file on the FAT drive.
    4. To format the drive, right-click it and select Format from the menu.
    5. Click Format after changing the File System to NTFS or exFAT.
    6. Verify that the warning message is gone once the process is complete. If the issue persists, experiment with various file system settings and formatting.

2. You can use a third-party file manager

    1. If you wish to avoid seeing this warning notice because some file managers don’t support it, simply use a different file manager like Frigate3.
    2. Remember that you can use a new file manager only if this warning message displays; you don’t have to switch entirely.

Here are two short solutions that could assist you in dealing with Please confirm that you wish to copy this file without showing its characteristics.


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User Questions

1. What happens if I duplicate a file without copying its properties?

When a file is copied or moved from an NTFS disc to a FAT drive without part of its properties, the functionality of the file is not affected; just the properties that cannot be transmitted are lost.

2. How can the file properties be fixed so they can be copied to the new location?

Because this operation will erase the file from that USB drive, copy any existing data off of it first. Next, right-click that disc in File Explorer and select Format. Next, select NTFS as the file system and perform a Quick Format. This will take some time to finish, after which the drive will be transformed.

3. What do a file’s properties mean?

You may see details about a file’s type, size, and most recent modification date in the file properties window. If you frequently need this information, you can have the captions of icons or list view columns show it.

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