Bloodborne Demake Gameplay, Character Creator Are Accurate To Real Game

Bloodborne Demake Gameplay, Character Creator Are Accurate To Real Game

Lilith Walther, Bloodborne’s PSX demake dev, uploaded footage of the first 10 minutes of gameplay, including an authentic character creator.

Lilith Walther, the game’s developer, just revealed the first 10 minutes of Bloodborne’s PSX demake, complete with accurate-looking gameplay and character creator tools. Bloodborne’s PSX remake has kept vintage fans on the edge of their seats all year, thanks to Walther’s regular updates on the project’s progress. In January, she teased a quick glimpse at levels and combat and map loading features and character customization. Then, in July, the internet was treated to a glimpse of Father Gascoigne in action on ancient PlayStation gear.

While remasters and remakes continue to flood the market, demakes cater to a certain audience. Remedy Entertainment released a teaser for April Fool’s Day that reinvented the 2019 hit Control as a PS1 classic. Playable demakes appear to be here to stay, as indicated by their expanding popularity. Super Mario Odyssey received an excellent 2D makeover this year, styled like how it would operate on an NES machine. Ohana Studio has released early footage of a Breath of the Wild remake using Game Boy Color visuals. And, of course, a Resident Evil Village demake trailer was developed with the original PlayStation in mind.

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The latest update from Bloodborne demake developer Lilith Walther delivers an in-depth look at the project’s first 10 minutes of gameplay. Yes, the main menu screen, opening cinematic, character customization and first area have all been de-made to an incredible degree. However, when a hungry werewolf kills the Hunter, they awaken in Hunter’s Dream. Walther also represented exactly in line with what players experience while exploring the original Bloodborne.

Walther stated in the video description that Iosefka’s Clinic had received “a lot of polish” since the last time it was presented. The main menu was also revamped, and the Blood Transfuser was added as a new Hunter’s tool. Though the Hunter’s Dream hasn’t changed much, two new features have been included for this reveal: “the initial messenger weapon granting” and a ‘explore’ camera for Doll.

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Bloodborne was launched exclusively on the PlayStation 4 by FromSoftware and Sony in 2015, and it is now one of the system’s most popular titles. However, in this day and age of 60fps gameplay options, Bloodborne is already showing its age, leaving Soulsborne fans pining for a true Bloodborne PS5 upgrade and PC port.

Bloodborne is now available on the PlayStation 4.

Source: Lilith Walther/YouTube