Battlefield 2042’s Wacky Trailer Seems To Take Cues From Call of Duty Ads

Battlefield 2042's Wacky Trailer Seems To Take Cues From Call of Duty Ads

Tom Brady and businesses like Xbox and YouTube appear in a new Battlefield 2042 trailer, which appears to be inspired by Call of Duty.

With famous cameos (including Tom Brady) and an interesting combination of live-action and 3D animation, the latest Battlefield 2042 trailer appears to borrow a page from Call of Duty’s book in terms of mainstream marketing. The Battlefield 2042 release date trailer from the summer featured a similar focus on chaos and trademark “Battlefield moments,” indicating that the game’s unrealistic gameplay’s inherent disconnect from its more serious storey is part of the series’ outward presentation ahead of its November release.

Battlefield 2042‘s gameplay and general focus will significantly depart from Battlefield V’s apparent inability to meet publisher EA’s expectations. The new game will forego a story-driven campaign in favour of a multiplayer-only experience that will include three separate modes:

  • Regular multiplayer games in All-Out Warfare
  • The Escape from Tarkov-inspired Hazard Zone
  • Customisable fan service on iconic maps in Battlefield Portal
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As a result of climate-related hostilities, nations and militaries have splintered into new and desperate warring factions; there will still be an overarching narrative unifying at least the first two components of Battlefield 2042.

Battlefield 2042’s “What A Time To Be Alive” clip features cameos from streamer CouRageJD and even famous NFL Tampa Bay Buccaneers quarterback Tom Brady, which goes even further than the release date trailer. The one-minute clip moves from explosive scenario to explosive scenario, emphasising Battlefield 2042’s unique specialists, skills, and vehicles like aircraft and tanks, in what appears to be an uncanny blend of live-action performances and 3D-animated cinematics. Brands like Xbox (the “official console” of Battlefield 2042) and YouTube Gaming also show, indicating how much money EA is pouring into the game’s marketing.

It’s a big cry from the more “grounded” Battlefield 4 trailers, and it appears to be a reaction to competitor Call of Duty’s own frenetic, cameo-laden trailers for its annual releases. Specialists (the game’s more customizable alternatives for classes) are heavily featured in the new teaser, as they have been in most of Battlefield 2042’s recent marketing. DICE, the game’s lead developer, has already stated that the game’s climate catastrophe scenario is essentially gameplay stage dressing. Thus the focus ahead of release appears to be on the game’s characters.

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The resources invested into trailers like Battlefield 2042’s current one aren’t a certain means for EA to secure the FPS game’s success upon release, as it will be sandwiched between fierce competition with Call of Duty: Vanguard releasing earlier in November and Halo Infinite arriving in December. Battlefield 2042’s player count and in-game income will tell the tale soon, and how far those numbers rise will mainly depend on the game’s launch status and post-launch expansion plans.

On November 19, 2021, Battlefield 2042 will be released for PS5, Xbox Series X/S, PS4, Xbox One, and PC.

Source: Battlefield/YouTube